Mossy Key

A rusted metal key, its chipped paint is coated in a layer of fuzzy moss.

Mossy Key is a Key Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Mossy Key Effect



Where to Find Mossy Key




  • WARNING: When in co-op, if the host picks up this item, it will not spawn in the Sellsword's game. Make sure you have already gotten this item before the host finds it!




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    • Anonymous

      08 Jan 2017 07:45  

      Make another account and beat mad alchemist on your own, then have two controllers and bring that character on glitched world

      • Anonymous

        Go around21 May 2016 01:55  

        You can go across the falling platforms underneath where you fight the mad alchemist and jump down where sunken keeps elevators is and skip the key. It is a long way round but, you will make it.

        • Anonymous

          Glitch26 Mar 2016 09:43  

          So my firend and I co-oped through the game and we decided to go through him as host instead of me to nuke the early bossed for fun. However, after we killed the Mad Alchemist, we picked up a salt pouch where the mossy key should be. Now we can't progress to the sunken keep. Kinda lame.

          • Anonymous

            Mossy key25 Mar 2016 23:57  

            Killed the alchemist first try but died 2 seconds later from poison went back to pick up items and never got the key.....stupid glitch

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