Castle of Storms is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. Challenging and featuring multiple bosses, players access the castle via the Sunken Keep, and can connect to the Red Hall of Cages and Mal's Floating Castle.


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A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown here. You can add links, images. and other details.

Castle of Storms is the seventh area you will visit after making you way through Bandit's Pass using Vertigo Brand, that you got from Sunken Keep.

Upon entering the area, just keep heading right until you find a long set of 3 stairs going up, but be aware that there is a giant Armor Guardian there waiting. Keep going up those stairs till the very top but beware of the thunder traps that there are waiting, fighting the Emberskull and the Caged Man along the way. At the very top, head left to exit the current room. You will see another set of long stairs going up towards a Court Sorcerer. Defeat him and head into the next room, that will have a giant Armor Guardian. You can choose to fight him, or immediately climb up the ledge right above the entrance and make your way to the top floor. From there you should take the exit to the left.

Continue up the stairs, pick up the ring hpMending Band, activate the lever for the elevator and then climb up the ledge to speak with the Masterless Knight. After speaking with him, head right up the stairs and then drop down at the end of the stairs to a ledge below it. Enter the room to find an unclaimed Sanctuary, that you can claim for the Creed of your choice using their idol.

Head out of the sanctuary to the right, and climb up the ledge to the chest. The chest contains a hunter helmHunter's Tricorne, hunter armorHunter's Cloak, hunter glovesHunter's Gloves and hunter bootsHunter's Boots. Continue heading up those set of stairs to the top, collecting the items along the way and fighting the Caged Men.

At the top, you will find another Court Sorceror, and a bridge to the right that leads to another room. Just continue heading right in that room till you leave at the other end. Keep going in that direction until you find another set of stairs with an entrance right next to it which leads to a Shrine, allowing you set a respawn point and restore your health. Climb up the stairs and head to the right on the first floor to find a amber sparkSilver leaf. Then continue heading to the top to find a chest to your right, containing a statue merchantStone Merchant. From there, continue heading left, and keep going up whilst jumping across ledges. At the very top, you will find a Red Candlestand, marking the boss fight ahead.

Here you will fight the Kraekan Wyrm, a fire-breathing flying dragon. His moveset includes occasional flamethrows and a tail-smash melee attack that can be avoided by jumping over it. If you time your jumps right, you can stun the Wyrm into place and continue to bash him with your attacks to take away a good chunk of health. For more tips and strategies on how to defeat this boss, see the Kraekan Wyrm page. 

After defeating him, head left and climb down ledges till you find an entrance that takes you into a room with stairs heading downwards. Continue along till you come to the edge, then climb down more to find a key dungeonJagged Key, next to a sitting lady, known as the Despondent Thief. Speak to her about the slain Wyrm to obtain the Shadowflip Brand. This allows you to perform wall jumps (jump while against a wall in mid-air). 

Climb back up to the top of these set of ledges, and then use your newly acquired talent to jump to the ledge above holding an charm fireImpen's Charm.(*NOTE: Later when you have the Hardlight Brand, you will be able to use your torch to climb further up, to the left of this location to obtain ninja glovesAssassin's Gauntlets, ninja bootsAssassin's Leggings, ninja armorAssassin's Tunic and ninja helmAssassin's Cowl.) Now head back down those same ledges again, this time go past the ledge with the Thief, and continue heading down till you find yourself on a ledge with a lever and 2 elevators. Activate the lever and take the elevator halfway to the bottom, where a small plataform to jump to and if you fall from the other side you will find a Phoenix Rondache and a lever but you will be caged, if you activate the lever, then you will open the two walls that are blocking you from getting out and then you can go to the stairs that are at the bottom. At the bottom you will find 4 sets of stairs (2 going up, 2 going down on either side). You should take the one on the right that goes up towards an exit. It will have a Court Sorcerer and a couple of Emberskull. The moment you get outside, you shall find a ledge right above the exit. Climb on top of the ledge, then use your Shadowflip Brand to bounce from one side to another till you are at the top on a platform to the right. On this platform there will be an Eminent Obelisk (black tower) that you need to use to walk on the ceiling to get to the other side.

On the other side, you will find a merchant selling a couple of useful items, weapons and armor. After discovering him, walk back to the edge of this platform, then jump down towards a small ledge with a lever on it. Activate it to unlock the door underneath, and then jump down and fight the Armor Guardian or just head right past him into the entrance. In that room, collect the staff ivoryScrimshaw Cane on ledge above the stairs and then head all the way to the bottom of that room. Speak to the Scarecrow and continue going lower, then take the exit to the left. Keep heading downhill to the left until you find yourself at the Red Hall of Cages.

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