Attack 21.0
Weight 8.0
Strength Scaling E
Dexterity Scaling E
Class 1 Reaper
Flags -
Special -


Haymaker in Salt and Sanctuary is a Reaper type weapon.


A tool intended for mowing grass and harvesting crops, but often modified for fighting by the destitute and the wicked alike. Distinct among agricultural devices as a universally-recognized symbol of death, and indeed a capable makeshift weapon with its razor edge and unmistakably fearsome silhouette."

Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Strength and 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 92.7 at tier VII.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • Good early weapon, but has poor scaling.
  • Requiering only the Class 1 Reapers skill, with decent range and bad scaling, this weapon benefits the most as a backup weapon for classes with access to weapon buffs.

Location/Where to Find

Haymaker Upgrade Table

  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Material



E E -

Haymaker I

22.0 E E Lock of Hair x1

Haymaker II

23.1 E E Lock of Hair x2

Haymaker III

24.3 E E A Soldier's Poem x1

Haymaker IV

25.5 E E A Soldier's Poem x2

Haymaker V

26.8 E E A Lord's Orders x1

Haymaker VI

28.1 E E A Lord's Orders x2

Haymaker VII

29.5 E E A King's Orders x1



Gravedigger  ♦  Purifier  ♦  Red Eclipse  ♦  Rusted Greatladle  ♦  Saltreaver  ♦  War Scythe

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    • Anonymous

      Why would you use this junk, when you can just turn the blade upwards and make it into a glorious, powerful War Scythe?

      • Anonymous

        Deals REALLY good damage at the early game for being easy to use, easy to get and having decent weight and reach
        Can tear down bosses like Cyclops and Alchemist in seconds

        • Anonymous

          This Weapon is far better then the most people think, if you plan to use the saltreaver then this thing is your weapon, it skales better with strength then the most other Scythes and i beat the game with this weapon, Reach, speed, damage and Weight are descent.

          • Anonymous

            When trying execution with this weapon, it does nothing. I dont know if its bug or not, but I press use button, character do execution animation, its writing enemy got about 80 damage, but even most basic enemies stay alive, like nothing happened to them.

            • Anonymous

              For some reason ripostes performed with this weapon don't seem to be able to kill. Is it the same for all reapers?

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