Keepers of Fire and Sky


A book of Fire and Sky, forever changing itself as the universe sees fit. Its words flow like fire, and its knowledge is as endless as the sky.

Keepers of Fire and Sky is a Creed in Salt and Sanctuary. Specializing in destructive elemental magic, it is tailored towards magic builds, and presents a variety of magic-scaling weapons and magic-buffing rings. Ranking up your devotion in this creed will grant you items that can recover focus and buff your magic damage output.



Keepers of Fire and Sky Sanctuary Locations




To increase your Devotion with Keepers of Fire and Sky you must turn in Remains at any Stone Leader. Devotion maxes out at Rank 7. The following items can be traded in for varying amounts for either a: Flask of Fire, a Bottled Sky, a Sky Crystal, or a Clarity.



To transmute weapons you have to speak with Keepers of Fire and Sky Chemist. Transmutation allows you to convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies.



Merchant Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Red Shard 500 1
Lightvessel 120 1
Arrow 10 1
Bolt 15 1
Flintlock Shot 50 1
Torch 50  
Blessed Page 500 1
Pouch of Salt 500 1
Bell of Return 500 1
Antidote 50 1
Lock of Hair 500 3
Endless Fang 500 3
A Soldier's Poem 1500 ?
Salt Seeker's Ring 500 1
Burning Sky Ring 6500 1
Storm Ring 5000 1
Link of Fire and Sky 5000 1
Crystalmoat Ring 5000 1
Lantern Charm 2500 1
Acolyte's Kontusz 500 1
Acolyte's Boots 500 1
Acolyte's Gloves 500 1

Blacksmith Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Midshipman's Dirk 500 1
Arming Sword  500 1
Varangian Spatha 1500 1
Woodman's Axe 500 1
Soldier's Spear 500 ?
Self Bow 500 ?
Platoon Crossbow 1500 1
Aster Monolith 16500 5
Stardust Spire 20000 7
Red Eclipse 5000 6
Flintlock Pistol 1500 3
Branding Iron 51500 4
Wooden Targe 500 1
Heater Shield 800 1
Cotton Tunic 500 1
Cotton Trousers 500 1

Cleric Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Red Shard 500 1
Blessed Page 500 1
 Crystalmoat Ring 5000 1
Mend 500 1
Sacred Linens 2000 3
Divine Armor 2500 3
Spirited Mend 5000 3
Blessed Weapon 800 1
Cleanse 2000 1
Revive 5000 1
Sprites 3000 ?
Ethereal Intervention 7500 4
Ray of Searing 1200 4

Mage Sells

 Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Scrimshaw Cane 1500 1
Saltwood Branch 1500 1
Charged Ring 8000 1
Flashfire 500 1
Lightning Barrage 1000 ?
Lightning Bolt 1000 ?
Fireball ? ?
Lightning Ball ? ?
Flamestar ? ?
Lightning Arc ? ?
Wildfire 5000 1
Arcane Weapon 1000 1
Undersight 800 1
Flame Orbiters ? ?
Dragonfire ? 7
Static Geist ? 7




  • Choosing Keepers of Fire and Sky does change the ending of the game. There is a unique poem read for both the Survival and Dominion endings.


  • The Keepers of Fire and Sky is reminiscent of a science-based or scholarly creed, primarily focused on the acquisition of knowledge, knowledge transparency, and its implementation into real-world usage.

    • Anonymous

      26 Apr 2020 21:37  

      Fire and sky. Is an okay creed but the order of the betrayer has 2 seriously op spells,while playing with my friend i was tanking, and he was magic he joined the betrayer creed bought the spells and bosses became quite easy. Id tank keeping the boss focused on me and he would hit em with those spells. When tanking i like using the teuthis shield because it blocks 100 percent of strike and slash attacks and at level 4 has 74.9 percent stagger reduction, granted the rest of the stats are kinda of trash if facing a straight magic attacking boss or mob but in bosses fights stay close and they will melee alot more just avoid poision bosses this shield sucks against posion 26. Percent reduction at level 4 im currently using it on my magic build as a secondary with a sword not bad biggest thing to beaware of is equipment load keep it light jumps wont be a problem keep the stats at below 25 percent weight and you should have a easier time with any jump unless your timing completely sucks. Ive like this dev since samurai dishwasher and his made a game with zombies in it loved charlie murder hope he re does another type of charlie murder game for the newerr systems or a sequel to S&S.

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2020 23:23  

        @Anonymous this is a side area its not really bad level design so much as a hidden area for completionists and wierdos. Secondly why are comparing the level design to souls games? with the brand system and the way its designed to go back to previous areas it is clearly a metroidvania when it comes to level design. The souls aspect is in the combat, the level up system and the punishing design of the bosses and mobs which overall is done to moderately well degree. Though i do agree some areas are awkward to traverse and there a some glitches, its a rather small studio and refining it to a degree of AAA is not really viable.

        • Anonymous

          18 Dec 2019 20:39  

          I got there in 2 tries, not too hard and is a pretty fair platforming. TBH the platforming over the spindlebeasts were much harder because you have to jump before the next platform appear, but not in the case of getting to this creed, all of the next platforms appear before the one under you disappears.

          • Anonymous

            19 Sep 2017 07:40  

            Man, this kicks my ass. I respect the players that have an easy time with platforming challenges, but I am not among their ranks

            • Anonymous

              20 May 2017 06:30  

              Honestly dont understand why this creed is placed so late in the game and hidden behind such an unfair puzzle.

              Dont get me wrong, its doable but i dont get why it was designed in such an unfair way. Its literally an endless series of trial and error.

              Seems weird to penalize mage players by a. putting the creed this late in the game and b. hiding it behind this atrocity...

              • Anonymous

                Join during first half of game08 Jun 2016 13:36  

                You can join this creed during first half of the game. Normal route till Castle of Storm --> Dome of Forgotten --> Ziggurat to get dart brand --> use Sanctuary at Far Beach to get down to Pitch Wood.

                • Anonymous

                  No Devotion05 Jun 2016 16:28  

                  I've delivered all the remains to the leaders and have nothing left to do but my devotion is stuck at 3, when it should be 7. Please help!

                  • Anonymous

                    Mage you look...04 Apr 2016 18:49  

                    I joined this for the Dragonfire spell at Devotion 7. Now people are saying you can get it from House of Splendor or Order of the Betrayer... But even if that's true this is still the best Creed for Mage Builds because of the Sky Crystals obtained here!

                    • Anonymous

                      Anyone know where the mist walls above the Sanctuary take you?25 Mar 2016 09:54  

                      I've tried several times to dart to them but it is just too far away.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bad level design19 Mar 2016 22:14  

                        Another example of awkward level design.Trom getting atuck onto the wall the bounce up to falling after reaching the door qith no way out other than to portal out and travel all the way back just to re attempt it. Im sorry this is where i give up. This game is poorly made and tries far too hard to be a souls game.Difficult for difficultys sake will not net you the same fanbase!Make your game and learn how to design levels with more structure and how to scale difficulty rather than assuming people want to mindlessly tredge through the same thing 40x over. Your game is a grindfest and feels more like you want us to play it "your way" rather than experience it for ourselves. Sorry james i respect what youve made with so little time and staff but this couldve been something great if it were better designed.

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