Order of the Betrayer

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A human skull adorned in candles made of wax infused with human blood. Place the Skull Trophy in a vacant Sanctuary to claim it for The Betrayer, whose thirst for suffering knows no end.

Order of the Betrayer is a Creed in Salt and Sanctuary. It is basically the "evil" aligned creed and has access to special debuff items and dark magic. It also gradually corrupts the player with darkness. Therefore, it can be said to be the polar opposite of Devara's Light.



  • Start at Siam Lake. Head right from the Sanctuary until you see water dripping, then follow the water down the hole. Jump onto 8 platforms, then long-jump to the right with Dart Brand to avoid being killed by a wooden falling platform. You must have a Bloody Writ in order to be accepted. This can be obtained by crushing a Stained Page inside any Sanctuary not belonging to your Creed and then either dying, or leaving the sanctuary before the five second timer expires and then using a Bell or quitting the game and restarting. This will spawn a Bloody Writ in your inventory.







To increase your Devotion with Order of the Betrayer you must turn in Remains at any Stone Leader. Devotion maxes out at Rank 7. The following items can be traded in  for either a: Blood Vial, a Black Salt, a Page of Suffering or a Flask of Defilement x3.


chemist darkTransmutation

To transmute weapons you have to speak with Order of the Betrayer Chemist. Transmutation allows you to convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies.



merchant darkMerchant Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
ring saltseekSalt Seeker's Ring 500 1
charm lanternLantern Charm 2500 1
torchTorch 50 1
antidoteAntidote 50 1
firepotBirian Firepot 100 1
salt1Pouch of Salt 500 1
buff firePitchfire 500 1
health shardRed Shard 500 1
return bellBell of Return 500 1
arrowArrow 10 1
arrow flameFlame Arrow 30 1
arrow poisonPoison Arrow 30 2
boltBolt 15 1
flintshotFlintlock Shot 50 1
white sparkLock of Hair 500 3
white flameA Soldier's Poem 500 5
beast sparkEndless Fang 1500 3
beast flameHateful Jawbone 1500 5
drowning sparkDrowned Idol 1000 3
drowning flameDrowned Locket 7500 5
drowning blazeDrowned Censer 15000 7
buff dark Stained Page 500 1
ribs helmGrim Headdress 2500 1
ribs armorGrim Justacorps 5000 1
ribs glovesGrim Bracelets 2500 1
ribs bootsGrim Tassets 2500 1

smith darkBlacksmith Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
daggerMidshipman's Dirk 500 1
shortswordArming Sword  500 1
swordVarangian Spatha 1500 1
axeWoodman's Axe 500 1
spearSoldier's Spear 500 1
bowSelf Bow 500 1
crossbowPlatoon Crossbow 1500 1
gun flintlockFlintlock Pistol 1500 3
scytheHaymaker 1500 1
sword cutlassCorsair's Backsword 500 3
shield woodWooden Targe 500 1
shield heaterHeater Shield 800 1
shield ironTeuthis Shield 500 1
whip bonesSacrificial Garrote 50000 1
scythe bonesGravedigger 50000 1
ribs helmGrim Headdress 2500 1
ribs armorGrim Justacorps 5000 1
ribs glovesGrim Bracelets 2500 1
ribs bootsGrim Tassets 2500 1
knight helmSteel Armet 1000 3
knight armorSteel Cuirass 1000 3
knight bootsSteel Greaves 1000 3
knight glovesSteel Manifers 1000 3
shield towerType 46 Tower Shield 500 4

priest darkCleric Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
buff holy Blessed Page  500 1
health shardRed Shard  500 1
 ring mp moatCrystalmoat Ring 5000 1
healMend ?  
holy bandageSacred Linens 2000  
holy phys defDivine Armor 2500 3
heal2Spirited Mend 5000  
holy buffBlessed Weapon ?  
holy cleanseCleanse 2000 1
holy reviveRevive 5000 1
holy orbitsSprites ?  
holy mag defEthereal Intervention 7500 4
holy coneRay of Searing ?  
holy bladeGuardian Blade 5000 5

mage darkMage Sells

 Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
staff ivory Scrimshaw Cane 1,500 1
wand woodSaltwood Branch 1,500 1
ring magicCharged Ring 8,000 1
fireFlashfire ?  
rapid litLightning Barrage ?  
lit boltLightning Bolt ?  
fire2Fireball ?  
lit ballLightning Ball ?  
mag firestarFlamestar ?  
lit bolt2Lightning Arc ?  
flame stormWildfire ?  
mag dark buffArcane Weapon ?  
mag vision buffUndersight ?  

fire oribtsFlame Orbiters


dark coilDark Coil

 500  1

dark coil2Dark Reach

 5,000  1

mag witch laserDark Arrows

 1  1

mag dark witchDark Swarm

 6,500  1

mag dragon fireDragonfire

5,000 7




Choosing Order of the Betrayer does change the ending of the game. There is a unique poem read for both the Survival and Dominion endings.


Viceroy of
Our God of blood
Spreading strife
In lands above


Heart of malice
Sewn in steel
Mete the master's
Wicked will



  • The god of this Creed is named Azredak, who is the shunned brother of Devara.

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    • Anonymous

      You aren't really trading materials to Stone Leaders for items. You're adding that item to your permanent refillable inventory when visiting that Creed's Sanctuaries. This article makes it seem like you're buying the item and you lose it once you use it.

      • Anonymous

        This creed is inaccessible on hardcore mode. Any death is permanent and successfully expunging a sanctuary doesn't yield a bloody writ.

        • Anonymous

          Kinda fun to see the whole creed take on "flood the whole world with blood dundunduuuun" actually somewhat grounded in gameplay, tho i don't think it's a Gameplay Mechanic Masterfully Entwined WIth Lore By Developers, just a nice coincidence. Or not. Anyway, the point is: you need to desecrate sanctuaries populated by other creeds to raise devotion for Order. On NG, by the time you'll reach their sanctuary, you''ll populate almost every unclaimed one with any other creed. There's a lot of hearts to be expunged in a mildly boring and repetitive fight copypasted for each creed and sanctuary! Okay, done, you start NG+ with this character. Rewards for devotion ranks carry over into NG+, but ranks themselves don't. Most of the sanctuaries in NG+ will be unclaimed, means you have only 6 "home sanctuaries" of another creeds to desecrate on each subsequent NG+ cycle. Or you can abandon the Order, populate the unclaimed sanctuaries with other creed, then re-join Order and desecrate them, but that's entirely pointless, since you'll lost all your devotion rewards from NG.
          In conclusion, remember that if you're planning to amass the devotion-rewarded consumables from Order (which is rational, since they're awesome), your only real chance to turn the Island into a bloodbath for non-believers is the cycle that you're joined them on. On subsequent cycles it'll degrade into poking a fancy skull into unclaimed altar over and over again.

          • Anonymous

            This creed should be visited last, as it's meant to EXPUNGE EVERYTHING! From all of the expunged hearts for devotion, to the healing potion generating corruption, you're meant to have a lot on your permanent record. So make sure to either go here last, or have quite a lot of appointments with the candlelit lady.

            • Anonymous

              It occurs to me that the reason The Betrayers unique creed item the Flask of Defilement is a debuff item used on enemies, instead of a self-buff item like most creed items, is because the dark magic found exclusively with the creed puts a massive defence debuff on yourself for casting it, which would overwrite a buff effect like Golden Wine.

              • Anonymous

                this is the best creed by FAR. once you defile a sanctuary, give the expunged heart to the leader and get the flasks of defilement. THIS ITEM IS BROKEN, it makes enemies have 0 defenses, and you also deal +25% damage to them. If you have 2 handed jaws of death fully upgraded, 31 strength or above and you toss a flask you'll be able to one-shot EVERY enemy, and 3 shot most bosses. I literally just tossed it at nameless god and did 5 heavy attacks and he died before my stamina ran out. its so broken.

                • Anonymous

                  A lot of this info is incorrect: 1. You Do not need to be killed by an NPC to obtain a Bloody Writ I was just killed by a Sanctuary guardian and recieved one. Following the wik's advice leads to a needless waste of Stone NPCs. 2. You do not have one chance to join this Creed this is also incorrect. I went down talked to the guy and didn't have a Writ so I said No spoke with him again to make sure I wasn't locked out and was offered the choice again had to say no but then I went and got a Writ and selected Yes and they let me in just fine

                  • Anonymous

                    NO NEED to join this creed! Playing as a "Pure Mage" on patch I wanted the Dark spells so made my way to this creed. The merchant sold me all the dark spells before I even rested at their shrine! So I got all I wanted out of them without taking their oath and dealing with the hassle of losing my rank in my other creed.

                    • Anonymous

                      If I may just say something. I'm not too sure if this creed has the best healing in the game but it does heal at a fast pace from what I can remember. Yes we have to deal with corruption but I would say before the corruption affects you, all you must do is turn the other sanctions into your creed. Then later on, you only have to deal with sanctuaries that are by default a different creed. You won't lose your offerings this way, and you get certain spells that may be beneficial. I mean. If the spells are all you're in it for. Just be in a creed that you dislike before hand and then afterwards. Join the creed you wish to be in

                      • Anonymous

                        If you go back down to The Vault in ng+ (as you did in the first playthrough, and with a bloody writ), rejoining may reset your devotion level without resetting the quests available at leaders. Might be a random bug, but i thought it worth sharing.

                        I made it all the way up to the fire and sky covenant needing one more heart to reach 7 devotion, realized it was already hostile to me, claimed it, turned the last quest in, and was level 2.
                        I'll join them next ng I guess

                        • Anonymous

                          The only reason you would wanna be in the betrayers creed is for the mage spells if you are not playing a mage the best option is clearly The House of Splendor because of the Golden Wine and its overpowered buffs.
                          What you can do is take Oath (Join their Creed) Buy the mage spells and then take oath to the House of Splendor for the wine.
                          That would be the best.

                          • Anonymous

                            Hmm, i need a total of 10 Heart, can i be sure to have 10 heart to max devotion creed? And heart drop like only 1 per expunged?

                            • Anonymous

                              To the ones that got problems with lack of NPC's - just use Crystal Sphere at the sanctuaries of other creed with the NPC's you need and they will be replaced by the Betrayed ones.

                              • Has the most powerful consumable in the game (Flask of Defilement) that you'll probably remember from being stunlocked by Saltless early on, and has exclusive access to Dark Magic which is not proliferant in the world in the way of exploration, but comes at a great cost. You have to put up with characters with edgy red eyes being your NPC buddies. Cruel, cruel world!

                                • Anonymous

                                  I was trying to make a Dark Magic build. Here's what I've learned...

                                  The debuff from casting Dark Magic seems to reduce Physical Defenses to zero. I tested this by having a Zombie at the Shivering Shore hit me after casting Dark Magic with Heavy Armor on and off. 10 points of damage each way. I assume all defenses are reduced to zero but haven't tested that. That's a lot of points I wasted on Armor...

                                  Divine Armor is cancelled by the Dark Magic debuff. Tested on the Shivering Shore Zombies. 10 damage with debuff, 3 damage without debuff. Sigh...

                                  Storm Ring has no effect. The description does say it only affects Elemental Magic, so I wasn't surprised.

                                  Sky Crystal seems to increase damage by about 30%.

                                  Overall, I like the Dark Magics Dark Coil and Dark Reach and Dark Swarm. Fairly good damage, and I like Dark Coil's tracking. The lack of defenses might make this not viable for high level gameplay, you are fully reliant on your dodging skills and can't use a shield with a wand or staff because reasons... As a damage dealer in team play, could be OK if you have a tank. Dark Coil has a super long range and minor tracking. It's the longest range spell I can think of.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I am quite sure that the "Nameless God" is still a mortal (as the game states) even if powerfull. Thus, he cannot be the brother of Devara, which IS a deity. Also it is stated that the Nameless is the god that ahs overtaken the faith of "The Three". Unlikely that he rules TWO creeds in the game. Just my two cents.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The irony, that you cant betray the order of betreyer. If you leave the creed, thats it for this play trough

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I joined this creed, but I want to go back and get the achives for the other creeds. if I leave them to get the Keepers and Splendor, can I rejoin them?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          1: find creed that's not yours2: *REST* at that sanctuary 3: use stained page, not from inventory 4:get killed

                                          • Anonymous

                                            If you intend to join this creed I recommend memorizing the locations of all the other sanctuaries so far and going back to take them all over one by one. The blood vial consumable will slowly add corruption and at a certain point all other sanctuaries will become hostile even if you haven't defiled any of them yet. That means you can't use their guides, they disappear from your menu. Best to just get it over with as soon as possible so you're not blundering around lost when you want to backtrack to areas. You can cleanse your sin and corruption at an NPC below the Village of Smiles but it costs quite a bit. Try to get all the sanctuaries you can find and then cleanse yourself at her so the ones you haven't conquered are available for guide travel again. Then you'll know where they are or just do it to get there faster for something inconvenient, like the sanctuary in Pitchwoods.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              If you wish to keep your previous sanctuaries and NPCs, only desecrate a sanctuary that doesn't belong to you previous creed. I desecrated the one in Bandit's Pass, and could still use guides, merchants etc. in Mountainsmith sanctuaries, which was my creed before I joined Order of the Betrayer.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                So, perhaps this is just me failing at the game, but I came to NG+ and joined the creed once I found them, and have begun trying to desecrate sanctuaries, and I've found it unfortunately impossible, fighting the enemies through the two waves you are required to fight to succesfully desecrate it is incredibly difficult, namely the horseman that comes with wave two, it's hard enough killing the mage while having to dodge/block his charges at the same time, then if and when I finally manage to kill the mage and knock him off his horse, he still seems to kill me in two shots if I'm lucky, if not one shotting me due to wounding suffered from poor play on the first stage or being unable to block through the second, this is even with the bandaged ring and the second best armor set I currently own. I've tried numerous times to do this but to no avail and now my character is essentially stranded with just the shivering shore and the blackest vault.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Not worth it at all. You have to attack the holy places to join, and kill all your merchants and such. You're left without blacksmiths, merchants, leaders, guides, etc... and you also the ability to teleport to the sanctuaries even from the guide!

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If you say YES you get a key and can enter -- if you answer NO, he replies 'So be it.', and further dialogue turns into '...'

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Does saying yes to the npc make you join the creed or do you still have to take the oath in the sanctuary?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I crushed the page in a different creeds sanctuary and it didn't give me the writ. Am I doing something wrong?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          At max rank.Merchant: Stained Page, Drowned Idol / Locket / Censer, Grim Armor Set (Class 3 Light)Blacksmith: Sacrificial Garrote (Class 4 Whip), Gravedigger (Class 4 Reaper), Grim Armor Set

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