Pitchwoods is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This optional location hides the Keepers of Fire and Sky sanctuary, and introduces deadly Spindlebeast enemies and complex jumping puzzles.


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Full  Pitchwoods Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details.

The Pitchwoods are an optional area that is reached via The Ruined Temple. Just head towards the right of where you met the Masterless Knight at the Temple to reach here.

Upon entering, you will see a few flashing ledges (the ones that disappear and reappear). This is a jumping puzzle that leads to a Templar's Charm. Keep heading directly up, and then to the left (above the entrance), in the bushes you will find the Charm. Come back down and then head right, jumping from one flashing ledge to another, all the way till you reach the next stone platform. From here, keep heading right again, repeating the same till you reach another stone platform. This one will have a Case of Salt waiting for you.

Then climb down all the way to the right, and enter the cave to the left. Use the lever to unlock the shortcut so that next time you can just walk straight to/from the entrance without having to jump over those ledges. In that room, at the very top will be a chest containing Black Slacks, Black Silk Gloves, Black Tailcoat and Top Hat.

Then head back out to the right, and keep going that way. You will run into some Impaled Knight that can hit hard. It is easy to kill them by spamming slashes and staggering them. Go past and keep walking uphill until you reach a doorway, which leads to a Shrine. Heal up and set the shrine as your waypoint, then head back out the door to your left. Straight above you after exiting the Shrine is the Sanctuary of the Keepers of Fire and Sky. You will have to do a series of complex Shadowflip and Dart jumps whilst treading along flashing platforms to do this. Follow the second video below on how to reach it.

Above the Sanctuary is a chest containing a Charred Tome. And to its right will be a wall-jump puzzle that is infact a shortcut to the top of the Pitchwoods. The 2 clouds are turned to walls whilst having your torch on. To make this jump, you need to do it without any armor on (i.e. naked). There's no good reason to attempt this jump, it doesn't lead to a secret area or any additional items that you couldn't reach by traveling downward from the sanctuary at The Far Beach. If you haven't taken that path yet, it might be worth traveling to the Far Beach's Sanctuary and then exploring the upper Pitch Woods the safe way. There is a  Gray Pearl and further down a Bloodwood Crossbow, as well as on a ledge a chest containing the Russet Mask, Russet Doublet, Russet Sleeves, and Russet Leggings. Further down the path is another Gray Pearl and the Shroud Charm. Eventually the path heads downwards and connects back to the start of the area, where the first flashing platforms were encountered. This is a one-way path, there's no way to create a shortcut here.

The easiest way down is to travel to the Siam Lake sanctuary, and run back towards the bottom of this large tower where the Sanctuary is. Once you are at the base, continue heading right. This will bring you to the Boss fight. 

This area's boss is Carsejaw the Cruel. He is weak to Fire damage. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see the Carsejaw the Cruel page. After defeating him, head right to find the Masterless Knight. Speak to him one last time to obtain the Wise Words trophy. To the right of him you will find Carapace Pavise shield and 4x Drowned Censer.

You are now done with this place and can proceed to the Salt Alkymancery. To do this, head to Siam Lake, and head left from where you fought the boss.

Pitchwoods Video Walkthrough




Keepers of Fire and Sky Creed Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to find the Keepers of Fire and Sky Creed is shown below.

1. You have to make it to the ground level of the area, if you are coming from The Ruined Temple that means going right and down and then left and down across many Dart Brand jumps.
2. When you get there, there are some rather challenging enemies called Spindlebeast. Go right from them until you meet a dead end, up a platforming section to unlock a level to open that wall, and then further right until you fight Impaled Knight enemies.
3. Past these enemies, you will find a wall where you can initiate a complex jump and dart puzzle leading to the creed.

A video below:




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    • Anonymous

      So I came back through the area recently after beating Carsejaw and there was a crucified headless body of my own character model (armor and weapon) hanging right before you run into the Impaled Knights before Carsejaw...is this supposed to happen because I haven't seen anyone talk about it no matter where I look it up.

      • Anonymous

        A recommendation regarding the vanishing platforms: Hold and charge spels, or bow if you miss them. That will make you fall extremely slowly, giving you an opportunity to wait for them to re-appear.

        • Anonymous

          This and Hagers Cavern were the most annoying locations in this game. The Spindlebeasts are too tough, platforming was ok, but once youre on top (sanctuary) how are you supposed to go down safely? I died more going down again to the boss than the boss itself.

          • Anonymous

            first time i did the jumping puzzle that takes you to the sanctuary i ended up wall hanging and not dying after making it into the mountain lol

            had to restart my game

            • Anonymous

              You can get all the way to the boss without doing a single jumping puzzle, approach from above using the long dart brand path from the far beach, then go to the right and down to the underground path and unlock the gate (there will be a second gate that is also barred). Then go back to where you first dropped down and kill the 3 spindle beast, keep going left to unlock the siam lake sanctuary, from here you can unlock the other barred gate from before. Now you have to join the betrayers and use the right exit, this will allow you to unlock another gate. No difficult jumping needed.

              • Anonymous

                The platforming to the Covenant of Sky and Fire is some bullshit. Especially when you can't coop like they do in the video. (Challenge runs lock coop to off)

                • Anonymous

                  try to lure one of the spindlebeast toward the jumping puzzle shortcut then chug up your potion,let it impale you directly infront of the shortcut gates,press roll and see the magic happen

                  • I got skewered by a Unicorn just underneath the first disappearing platforms, and got pushed through the floor... There's an enemy down here (one of the Anglerfish style enemies), some levers and some items but seemingly no way to reach them (stuck on an invisible platform) :( Running to the far right wall and Shadowflipping against it let me climb up to the floor (near a cave entrance), but can't pass through the floor, so trapped down here :/

                    • Anonymous

                      Down from the Ziggurat sanctuary I saw an entrance, over a chasm, perhaps I can jump that - but it'll be tricky. I leaped and died and returned again, with a bottle in my hand and parchment in the other. "No." I scrawled, and left it upon the ledge. I returned once more with my new-found brand and I realised what a fool I was for writing such a thing. Two hours, fifty-thousand salt later, I had only one regret.

                      "No." Pitchwoods, just "No."

                      • Anonymous

                        I think I accidentally sequence broke and got in behind the spindlebeasts and have to fight/dodge my way to safety after losing 60k salt trying to figure out how to kill them with a giant mace (they laugh at blunt damage).

                        • Anonymous

                          I saw a nice horsey, thought it was cute, then it impaled and one-shot killed me and i lost all my salt... then i tried to tame it to get back my hard earned glow, only to get impaled again and get salty myself

                          • Anonymous

                            i did this whole thing (weighing above 25% and less than 75%. didnt watch the video, got beyond salty and then started laughing. (had to perfect double jump on regular ground before i could get to the blue light walls) took all the lefts i could and did great, got to the wooden un-moving platforms and i fell and died haha. had to retrace my steps for that last item. then when you first get off the blue walls and take a right i found the shortcut, RIP lol that woulda saved me like 20 deaths. By the way there is one of those grey pearls, 2 large chests of salt (2 different sizes sorry didnt really care) a whole bunch of stuff. was fun and felt great afterwards, and a little stupid for not finding the shortcut sooner but whatever :)

                            • Anonymous

                              at least mention all the items u name being there in your text. i cant find any grey pearl in there so tell me were u hallucianted one off.

                              • Anonymous

                                Horrible platforming and only a shrine hidden miles off, with a sanctuary that's more for the secret creed than for convenience. To top it off, an enemy that will probably kill you by running at you and you can't evem jump over it. Nope.At least the boss is easy.

                                • Anonymous

                                  You won't get it on the first try, but if you have any capacity for pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination, you'll figure it out.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If you go thought the Ziggurat of Dust you dont have to do much jump puzzle craziness. Honestly i was expecting more and i didnt even die here

                                    • Anonymous

                                      As soon as you get the timing pat down, it isn't as horrible of an experience as others keep pointing it out to be...

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This entire game is a cakewalk with any of the greatweapons, I'm using Jaws of Death VI w. Bloodflower Ring and Bloodflower Charm, and I 1/2/3-shot almost all enemies, bosses go down in 8-16 hits. Add a decent shield and some armor to that and you're practically immortal. In my opinion, an enemy with a non-threatening, smash-my-face-in look that will absolutely destroy you if you try to smash its face in is brilliant in a game such as this, which isn't meant to be easy or predictable in the first place. So wipe those cry-baby tears and be a man! You are your own hero!

                                        • Pitchwoods is not mandatory for completion of the story. So if you're not a fan of loosing all your hard work do to things out of your control I would skip Pitchwoods. The map relies to heavily on the Shadowflip and dart brands that do not always work as intended which will result in many death out of your control. On top of that the timing for the disappearing platforms are all out of wack so on top of that you might make it finally to the end only to die because the animation for climbing up took to long and your dead again. I lost 300k, and more hours than I can count trying to complete it and never made it to the end. It is an absolute immersion killer that will have you thinking about what other games you got in que that may be more fun.

                                          • Does anyone know where that shortcut in Pitchwoods that takes you underground that has 2 levers and a gate leads? Looks like Hager's Cavern but I can't find it anywhere. Seems like its not mentioned anywhere on the wiki, and its not mentioned at all in the walkthrough, and on the video they just unlock the first gate and move on without any mention of it. Googling it gives no answers either and I've watched a dozen Pitchwoods walkthroughs and nobody seems to know or they miss it all together.

                                            • Who ever at Ska Studios though this was a brilliant idea need their head checked. This map is the worst. Absolutely kills your progress and immersion. This is one area I will not repeat after the first time. I'd rather solve the puzzles in the first Silent Hill blindfolded than do this map again. Great game just added some really tacky, and pointless stuff like these disappearing platforms.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                This has to be the most awful part of any game I've played in the last few years. It wasn't even fun to overcome the challenges. It was just frustrating and I'm glad it's over. I got the trophy for the keepers of fire and now I will never ever come back here on any other playthroughs of the game. It just isn't worth it.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I found a new enemy called Spindlebeasts that so far just oneshot me no matter what I do. Doesn't seem to be anyway to avoid it. The attack is so fast that you can't dodge it or run away from it. So hopefully there's another way to deal with them, that I missed

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