Dome of the Forgotten is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This temple-like area is accessed from both The Far Beach and the Red Hall of Cages, and it leads to the Ziggurat of Dust.


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  • Level 4 and up Clerics can farm around 1000 salt per second here. Use Ray of Searing while standing on the right of the first altar. You'll kill the four Whispermen in the room above. You can immediately rest at the altar and cast the spell again. If your game begins to lag, go up and pick up the drops from all the Whispermen you've killed
  • One of the best salt farming area as the whole level forms a loop back to the sanctuary that can be completed within a few minutes and most of the enemies are easy to kill. A full circle yields about 20,000 salt with leader and ring bonus. 

Full  Dome of the Forgotten Walkthrough

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Dome of the Forgotten is the thirteenth area you will encounter after having been to The Far Beach, and then made it here through either the Ruined Temple (long way) or just walking to your right from the Red Hall of Cages Sanctuary.

At the entrance you will find a pouch containing 3x vision potionPhial of Undersight. To the right of it will be flashing ledges that appear and disappear. The chest at the end of the room is actually a Mimku, so be careful. Climb the ledges and head left on the floor just above to find the unclaimed Sanctuary. Claim it for the Creed of your choice by using their respetive idol. At the left-most end of the Sanctuary, you will find an amber flameAmber Idol.

Head back out of the Sanctuary and continue upwards. On the right, on a wooden platform underneath a Hornet Steel is a statue mageStone Mage and 3x vision potionPhial of Undersight. Head to the left, jumping over the flashing ledges and fight the Whispermen coming out of the bookshelves. Then use the Shadowflip Brand to go further up the flashing ledges, onto the platform with stairs (to the left of there, on a small ledge on the wall further up is a gun flintlockFlintlock Pistol and 10x flintshotFlintlock Shot)

Go up the stairs and continue heading that way, making your way higher via the breaking wooden ledges that start to head to the left. If you head out the exit to the left, you'll find a chest with fat helmScorpion Migfer, fat armorScorpion Krug, fat glovesScorpion Kolluk and fat bootsScorpion Dizcek. Head back to the right, into the Dome and jump over to the right side of the breaking wooden ledges. (Video)

Continue heading right, collecting the Merchant's armor set in a chest on a ledge, then drop down to face a large Armor Guardian, then jump to the ledge that goes down. Be sure to use a Phial of Undersight or the Undersight incantation before proceeding to the right to the wooden ledges, as you will be attacked by several more Whisperman. Jump onto the breaking wooden ledges and then hop over the flashing ones to their right. Keep going downwards when you hit the wall and you will eventually run into a Shrine. You can rest here and set it as a respawn point. You will also find a lit defGoldenstone Ring here.

From the Shrine, head left, jumping onto the floor below where there are a few more Whisperman and a Bronze Axe Knight. If you continue heading left, you will run into one of the bosses, The Untouched Inquisitor. He likes to attack using his bladed arms, but his attacks can be stopped if you attack him just as he is about to release his attack. For more tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Untouched Inquisitor page.

After defeating the boss, climb up the first ladder and jump over to the platform above it to collect a staff woodRowan Crosier. Now jump back down and go up the second ladder (to its left). Hop over to the ledge with a Crystal Sphere and a lever on it to open the caged gate below. This opens up a shortcut to the Sanctuary you claimed earlier. At this point you can go back to the Sanctuary to heal up and then come back here.

Come back to this room and go up the second ladder again (this will be the first ladder you see if you are returning from the side of the Sanctuary) and climb the ledges all the way to the top. Here you will find a salt3Bag of Salt, a Bronze Axe Knight and a few of Whispermen. To the right of these enemies will be another lever accompanied by an elevator that takes you up to the next area.  The item underneath it is a statue guideStone Guide. To the left, below this platform, is the Predator Heavy armour set. Drop down to the left, after picking up the guide to acquire this.

Head right at the top, out the exit, up the wooden scaffolding. Head left again back into the Dome. Here you will fight the second Boss of this area - The Third Lamb. This hippogriff uses Lightning based attacks and becomes more and more aggressive as the fight goes on. He is however weak to Fire and Arcane Damage. For more tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Third Lamb page.

After defeating the boss, head left and speak to Luna Sage. The Sage gives you the Hardlight Brand, that allows you to imbue your torch with a light allowing you to render blue arcane matter tangible. Then make your way back to the Sanctuary and head out to the right, back into the room where you fought The Untouched Inquisitor. Head up the second ladder (this will be the first ladder you see if you are returning from the side of the Sanctuary), and head all the way to the top. Just at the top platform, you will see a big firepit. Use your Hardlight Brand (by igniting your torch) to show the hidden blue platforms that you can now use to go higher. (Video)

At the very top-right you will find a ring magicCharged Ring. You are now officially done with this area. Head out of the Dome, back towards the Red Hall of Cages sanctuary (The exit is below the Dome sanctuary). We will be taking on Cran's Pass next, which is reached via the Red Hall of Cages. See the Red Hall of Cages page or this Video on how to do so. Head outside to the left below the Dome Sanctuary, then keep heading left until you reach the Sanctuary for the Red Hall of Cages.


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      the platforms are so annoying you no clip trough the upper half and grab to the middle of them. if you jump too late or too soon you'll fall. who thought diagonal edges in a platformer are a good idea??

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        In the sanctuary use ray of searing, then rest, then repeat it will kill the ghosts above you, and each time you kill them with the ring of grasping it will give you 1700 salt

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          hello hello guys! say, I am very much in trouble, I just got in the Hall of the Forgotten, got up, right, down and also up, I have found the two bosses, and they are just waaaay too hard for me currently. So I'm looking to get out. So... HOW DO YOU GET OUT? I've activated the lift, it gets me back up to the giant armor, but impossible to go back further left! Do I HAVE to kill either the third lamnb or the inquisitor? Or is there any chance I can actually go back to one of my earlier sanctuary, say, in village of smiles or watching woods or wherever?
          Please, I feel stuck. :( I've died 60 times just today trying to find an exit.

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            I mean you get to the beach, and the next place would be logical next to it, so why the skip past zigurat or a complete detour to get to the dome.I mean until this point the next area is allways one next to or the one unlocked by a key or is the only way you can practicaly go.I mean Shore I mean i could argue for Sunken Keep and Watching woods too haveing same problem, but those areas are accessable around same time, and to me it makes more sence jumping down the path to tacle boss before going up as that up path be a one way anyway to get back to bandits pass then to castle of storms, either way it just takes longer if you do them in reverse order there...I MEAN INPUT PLEASE!

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