Redshift Brand


Redshift Brand is a Brand in Salt and Sanctuary.


A word of power carried in a brand. Bearing the brand grants its owner power over matter. Wear this brand to imbue your torch with a light allowing you to pass through the red arcane obstructions known as Redshift.





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    • Anonymous

      Necessary?02 Jun 2016 01:33  

      This brand doesn't seem necessary to complete the game. I'm at the Nameless God and never picked it up. Is this intended?

      • Anonymous

        Lulz27 May 2016 06:54  

        If you put your torch out while standing under an open redshift passage it will of coarse close and you will be stuck inside the barrier until you light your torch again.

        • Anonymous

          It doesnt work!!16 Mar 2016 19:32  

          This only worked for the first redshift pillar, all other pillars I've tried it on doesnt apply

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