Bag of Earth

A burlap bag of black earth. Its clasp looks to be made of precious metals and minerals, so why are its contents so common?

Bag of Earth is a Key Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Bag of Earth Effect


Where to Find Bag of Earth

  • The Bag of Earh is near a White Knight just to the east Ziggurat of Dust, on the surface. Easily accessed by the Far Beach sanctuary when heading out towards the sea then doubling back, jumping over the entrance to the Ziggurat.




  • Give to Fern in the dark stairwell beneath the Queen of Smiles to receive the White armor set or the Outlaw Greataxe.
  • WARNING: When in co-op, if the host picks up this item, it will not spawn in the Sellsword's game. Make sure you have already gotten this item before the host finds it!




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Key Items
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    • Anonymous

      27 Feb 2018 15:13  

      Given what Fern says about the White Armor Set, I'm pretty sure the "Earth" in this bag is the remains of yon armor's former wearer... Just sayin.....

      • Anonymous

        Urgh!09 Jul 2016 10:59  

        Of course...I played Co-op with a friend and he picked up the bag of earth. Now it doesn't spawn in my main game.Seriously, Co-Op - as fun as it may be - just seems to f*** with your game more than help.Welp, guess I ain't completing this quest anytime soon...

        • Anonymous

          NOTE10 Apr 2016 23:49  

          The Eviscerator can be transmited with farmable materials and only 30000 salt, therefore it is not advisable to aim for that reward

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