The Still Palace is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This is the last area players will visit before finishing the game and going into New Game Plus, and can only be accessed from the Crypt of Dead Gods.


the still palace walkthroug salt and sanctuary guide

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  • The Gray Pearls are being held by the Mimku.
  • To the right of the shrine, climb the platforms heading up with Dart and Shadowflip. At the top is an entrance to a small cave that leads to a long passage higher up.
  • In this passage are the two Mimku. If you continue to follow the passage, it will lead to a secret door back to the Salt Alkymancery by an Alkymancery Knight and a Saltfin in.
  • If you back up your save right after defeating The Nameless God, you can see both endings (and get the trophies for both endings) without having to complete NG+.

Full  The Still Palace Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below. You can add links, images and other details.

The Still Palace is the last area you will encounter after having your made through the Crypt of Dead Gods. This place has no sanctuaries and only 1 shrine.

Just at the entrance you will find the Old Man. He will tell that his name is Jaret, and more about the lore. After speaking to him, head down the stairs into the Palace. Just above the entrance will be a chest with A King's Orders. After collecting it head to the right till you reach the wall, and then wall jump to the top of it, where there is another exit.

Head out the exit and head to the room just above it, collecting the 3x Calling Horn on the way. This is the ONLY shrine available at this area. Once you pray here, you will be able to respawn here in case you die. From the shrine, head back to the room below it. Then make your way to the very bottom-right of this room (on a ledge on the right after you drop down is a Chest of Salt), where there is an exit and a long set of stairs that lead to the Final Boss - The Nameless God. Good luck!

For tips and strategies on how to defeat this boss, see the The Nameless God page. After defeating the boss ... Congratulations! If you wish to do anything at all before finishing the game, this is the point to do so. Use a Calling Horn or return the moment you head out the exit to the right of the boss, otherwise you will be choosing your ending and then be thrown into NG+. So choose wisely!

When you are ready, head out the exit. If you are playing with any other player, the co-op player will get kicked out, leaving only the main player. Ahead you will see a well. Dont go into it yet. Jump over it and head to the right and speak to the Scarecrow. You can choose to "Take Helm" or "Do Nothing". See the Endings page for more info.

The Still Palace Video Walkthrough






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    • Anonymous

      I just love this place, I love how it reflects the shallowness of the Nameless God: it's called a "palace", but it is empty of furnishing, of servants, of color, of purpose. Useless, a mockery, just like its lord.

      • Anonymous

        If you use the Light prayer in this area, it will illuminate far more area than it does in the other maps.

        • Anonymous

          This map has a lot of light sources, but is still very dark. It expresses very well on how the nameless god wishes for light, but is unable to attain it.

          • Anonymous

            This area and vibe also going downwards kinda reminded me a lot of the Dracula castle in Castlevania II. But it felt a bit empty.

            Also missed to jump over the fountain (?) in the end so can not talk to NPC. Afterwards saves NG+ over current save. WTF Devs.

            • Anonymous

              Very atmospheric and solemn, love this part before the final boss. Game still holds up today, can't wait to play the new one (and abuse poison in pvp).

              • Anonymous

                So many terrible level designs in this game. This last one was just ridiculous. Nothing anywhere useful to pickup, last level of the game, nothing to grind, was getting really bored of this game already in ruined temple, but at this point i finished it only because of boredome. What a terrible game towards the end, and what a great game it could have been if the devs could have invested more time on improvements. But in the end, just another game to forget into oblivion.

                • Anonymous

                  There's a short cut to the Architect boss fight area, as well as a shortcut to the sanctuary at Siam Lake, abovr the shrine. Requires wall-jumping and dashing.

                  • Anonymous

                    after you drop down the middle and then go left and drop down again and jump across the ledges to the right to the end and then on the last ledge is a Chest of salt

                    • Anonymous

                      There actually IS a small respawning sanctuary in the still palace. Enter the palace and head right. You will reach a point that you can drop down, don't. Jump over the gap until you reach a wall and use wall jump and dart to climb upwards. You'll go out of the palace for just a second and a door to your left and upward will lead you to a sanctuay. You'll still have to spend your salt back at the Crypt but this will save you some time when dying to the boss.

                      • Anonymous

                        There's a pathway on top the sanctuary that leads to shortcut between Siam Lake and Salt Alkymancery. Two Mimku are in the passage. Both contains grey pearl.

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