Ziggurat of Dust is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This multi-boss area features darkened corridors and connects the Dome of the Forgotten to The Ruined Temple.


ziggurat of dust walkthrough

Full  Ziggurat of Dust Walkthrough

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Ziggurat of Dust is the fifteenth area you will encounter after making your way through The Far Beach. A stone temple of sorts, hidden underground, the Ziggurat is a puzzle area that you have to solve in the order shown below, in order to be able to progress to the next area.

DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO GET THERE: From The Far Beach Sanctuary, leave to the right, head up the steps and then go left all the way up the sandy hill until you see an entrance. Work your way down and go past the red barrier. On the other side you will find the Ziggurat of Dust Sanctuary.

From the Ziggurat of Dust Sanctuary, head left and you will see a Bound Arrox, and a ledge above that holds 3x red sparkCharred Doll. To get to it, you will have to light your torch, turning the blue clouds into a wall, which you can then use to wall-jump your way to the ledge. Jump further up from this ledge and head right to find a chest containing stag bootsPlate Greaves, stag glovesPlate Gauntlets, stag armorPlate Mail, a swordVarangian Spatha and an shield bannerEscutcheon shield.

Then head back down to the floor of the Sanctuary, and walk left to the little bridge with a blue cloud-wall on either side and an opening going upwards. Light your torch to turn the two cloud-walls into actual walls that allow you to wall-jump all the way up the chute. At the top, head all the way to the left, till you reach the edge of the floor and then wall-jump over to the ledge with a Lietch standing on top of it. Climb up further and then head right till you see a small ledge with a lever below you. Climb down to that ledge and activate the lever to open a piece of wall right below it. (Video)

Use the extra bit of wall to Shadowflip (wall-jump) up the chute again to an area with a locked gate to the left, and an Obelisk to the right side of the opening. Head right and use the Obelisk to invert yourself. Then head right along the ceiling, and then inverse-Shadowflip down the chute. At the bottom, head right and jump further up when you reach the edge. You will then find yourself on a stepped-ceiling, and small platforms along the room. If you want to collect the items in this room, jump from one to another (by sticking to its bottom), to the left-edge of this room. Here you will be returned back to normal and find a charm poiseStone Charm on the ledge that you drop to. (Video)

If you came down to collect the items in this room, you will have to go all the way back to the previous Obelisk and repeat the same to come to this room. If are still hanging upside down on the ceiling, continue along it until you are above the long staircase going up. Right at the start of the stairs will flip you upside right, and set you at the foot of the stairs. Climb those stairs and head left till you reach that locked gate you saw earlier. Drop down and activate the lever to open the shortcut for yourself. 

On the left-edge will be a chest, that is in fact a Mimku, which drops the extremely powerful Flame Barrage spell when killed. Then climb up the ladder next to the lever, and head right. There you will see the infamous Candlestand that indicates a boss ahead. In this case it is the first boss of this area, The Dried King. He deals Fire-based damage and is weak to Holy damage. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Dried King page.

After defeating the boss, head left and climb up the stepped-ledges to the room above the boss fight. Here you will find the Black Sands Sorcerer, who gives you the Dart Brand and asks you about The Ruined Temple. Choose "Yes" and then activate the lever to unlock an exit on the side of the Pyramid. Then jump down the pyramid wall till you find the Luna Sage.

The Luna Sage will give you the bluering glovesStella Guanti, bluering helmStella Triregno, bluering bootsStella Cincture and bluering armorStella Soprana. Continue climbing down the pyramid, and keep heading right at the bottom (at the bottom will be a bag of earth wich you need on another place), till you reach the entrance to the Ziggurat (the one that leads to the Sanctuary). Next we will make our way to the lower part of the Ziggurat that holds the second boss.

From the Sanctuary, head left and this time go down the small opening with a little bridge. This is the bridge with the 2 cloud-walls. Once you are down, head left to another Redshift wall. There will be a large gap that you can cross by first jumping, and then whilst mid-air, using the Dart-jump that you just acquired. Keep heading left and repeat the same. You will end up on a cliff that has an entrance below it. Stay on the top for now, and climb up the ledges with the Lietch and the Spear Imp on it. At the top you will find a statue blacksmithStone Blacksmith.

Keep heading left till you reach the edge of the room, and then climb down the ladder and head left. Climb down another ladder to collect an Amber Idol. Go left and then right, all the way down the stairs. Right at the bottom of the stairs, will be an entrance heading left, into a room with an Obelisk. Activate it and then head left along the stepped ceiling, going downwards till you find an exit to the right, which you can reach by jumping and using your Dart Brand. (Video)

On the other side, continue right along the stepped ceiling, this time heading right all the way until you reach an opening with 2 obelisk-fixers (things that return you back to normal side). Use it then jump to the bottom most ledge, and go left and jump over the two gaps to find Castaway's Greatadze on a ledge.  From there jump back right and climb back up, and go left back to the room with the Obelisk. Use it then continue on to the next room. Once you reach the ledges underneath you, climb so that you are under the lower platforms. Continue right to get back to the area with 2 obelisk-fixers (things that return you back to normal side), but this time staying under the lowest platform. Use the dart-jump to reach the under the platform on the other side of the gaps (keep in mind that you can use dart-jump twice in a row in mid-air). Once across, walk along the ceiling until you reach a platform with a lever on it. Activate the lever and dart-jump to the platform on the right (with a ladder going up). We will call this the "Central Platform" (Video)

Then dart-jump back to the left, to the floor just above the platform with the lever you just activated. WATCH OUT for a trap here that will knock you off the edge! (Video) Activate the other lever. Then jump back over to the "Central Platform" and keep heading right, and then up the stairs to find a few Drowned Porcelain. Above them will be ledge holding the ring cheap magBurning Sky Ring.

After that, head back down to your left, back onto the Central Platform. Climb up the ladder and you shall see some stairs to your right, and an exit to your left. First, head up the long set of stairs to the right, to unlock a shortcut to from the Sanctuary. At the right-edge of the room, climb up the 2 small ledges to reach the floor above that has the lever which opens the caged gate next to it. If you go left from this gate and head up, you will reach the little bridge that is just to the left of the Sanctuary.

After unlocking the gate, head back down towards the floor above the Central Platform, and head left into that exit to reach a room with some Saltless in it. Keep heading left, out the other end and you will find yourself at that big gap again. You should be able to see an item on a ledge above the gap, that can be reached only by going all the way back to the room with the Obelisk, and then making your way along the ceiling to the bottom part of the gap, and jumping through it from the bottom-most ledge. The item in question is a ring bloodyBloodluster's Ring. (Video)

After collecting it, head back to the right, back onto the Central Platform. Dart-jump to the right from here, then go down the little bridge and head right, down the ladder. This will bring you to a darker area. Jump onto the other ledge to its right, and then go all the way down when you reach the edge of the room. At the bottom right will be a few Drowned Porcelain and a statue clericStone Cleric. To the left you will see a lever, with an elevator next to it. This elevator leads all the way up to The Far Beach Sanctuary. To the left of the elevator is the next boss. So it is recommended to go up for a quick restock at the Sanctuary. (Video)

Head back down the elevator and keep heading left from there to fight The Bloodless Prince. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Bloodless Prince page. After defeating the boss, continue heading left along the floor to find a Shrine. Further to the left along the path will be the Scarecrow. Speak to the Scarecrow. Keep heading left and you will reach The Ruined Temple. (Video)

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      Luna sage doesn’t appear for me I swear every guide i find for this game is worthless I about ready to just delete this crap game

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        Thanks for the hint that you can double-use the dash. Let me say it is technically possible to do the last and longest inverted jump with just one dash, but I only managed to do it 1 out of 10 times.

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          Killed the Bloodless Prince after coming straight from The Far Beach (got lucky on a fall and grabbed a ledge), had spoken to the Scarecrow on the two previous locations to this, yet the Scarecrow was nowhere to be found. Is this a glitch?

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