Endings for Salt and Sanctuary are noted in this page. This is of course spoiler-heavy so only consult the contents if you are ready for them.

The game ends if the player proceeds through the hallway after defeating the last boss: The Nameless God. You will enter a dark area with a well, and (if you talked to the Scarecrow at each location) a scarecrow that represents the god. Your actions at this point determine the ending. After doing one or the other ending, you will be thrown into the credits and then New Game Plus, starting from the beach.


Ending 1: Salvation

Find Salvation
Escape the island.

You may choose this ending by ignoring the scarecrow and going down the well instead. The ending dialogue is determined by your Creed:

The Three (Born of Salt / Devour'd by sea / From icy crypt / Deliver me)


Devara's Light (Ageless solace / Clasp'd by death / Curs'd no longer / Gasping breath)

devara's light salvation

The Iron Ones (Will of man / steel and stone / Wrest from sea / For iron home)


The Stone Roots (Strangl'd roots / In blackest sea / Shed chains of steel / 'Til vines grow free) 


Keepers of Fire and Sky (Stifled flame / In sea of ice / Looking tow'rds / Eternal sky)  


The House of Splendor: (Bearing gold / On failing flesh / freed from gaol / to splendid rest)


Order of the Betrayer (Viceroy of / Our god of blood / Spreading strife / In lands above)



Ending 2: Domination

Become the new lord of the island.

This ending can only occur if you have spoken to the Scarecrow at every location it appears in throughout the game. If this is the ending you're after, you can backtrack to the location it should have shown up next. To choose this ending, you'll have to speak to the scarecrow a final time, and choose "take helm". This will convert you into the new Nameless God, ruler of The Island. You will obtain the Overlord Armor. Like the first ending, the dialogue you see is determined by your Creed:

The Three: (Burning cities / Bruis'd by war / Praise not the Three / I am the Fourth)


Devara's Light (This pantheon/ Of timeless gods/ Shall tremble at/ The spreading dark)


The Iron Ones (Superstitions / Fleeting gods / Crush'd and hewn / On bloodied rocks)


The Stone Roots (Ocean Black/ Invader's Blood/ Icy Sea/ To Wrathful Mud)


Keepers of Fire and Sky (Pow'r immense/ Searing cold/ Sky above/ And dark below)


The House of Splendor (Love of gold / Bitter heart / Plunge this splendor / Into dark)


Order of the Betrayer (Heart of Malice / Sewn in steel / Mete the master's / Wicked will)


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    • Anonymous

      15 Aug 2021 19:29  

      I was planning for the Dominion ending to get the Overlord set. I was goofing around the well and jumping back and forth. I then got a 3 point shot and it triggered the other ending. Son of a b****

      • Anonymous

        16 Jan 2021 04:43  

        A curiosity for those who did not realize that it was the nameless god that revives the player besides that the poem is not complete you have tocombine the two poems for example
        Order of the Betrayer
        Viceroy of the Heart of Malice
        Our blood god Sewed in steel
        Spreading conflict mete the master's
        On lands above wicked will.
        I think that's it

        • Anonymous

          08 Nov 2020 12:32  

          "Do Nothing" = グッドエンド / ハッピーエンド. 島を脱出.
          "Take Helm" = 悪い終わり. 悪い神様になります。 (あなたは毎回かかしと話さなければなりません。)

          両方のエンディングはNG +に行きます。


          • Anonymous

            20 Oct 2020 14:15  

            As far as "good" ending versus "bad" ending - you choose to either take reign of the island or escape. That's not a "good" ending - it's running away. Neutral at best. To me a "good" ending would be destroying the island.

            • Anonymous

              04 Apr 2020 18:05  

              In the end... Rordon Gamsey the Scythe Wielding, pumpkin wearing Cook, became a new god of the island. He still didn't found his Lamb Sauce. His search shall start anew

              • Anonymous

                09 Apr 2019 02:49  

                I would not really call one or the other a good end or bad end its just which you prefer. also not sure the trees are different looking trunk-wise but they do look dead and lack leaves

                • Anonymous

                  30 Jun 2018 22:55  

                  If you go for the dominion ending, you're basically taking over the Nameless God's job, right? So you would gain their powers and by extension, control over the island. So theoretically, could you make the island a little nicer? Like a sanctuary of sorts, for people who drowned at sea.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Aug 2016 11:00  

                    SPOILERS!I am fairly certain there are 3 endings - they depend on what you do at the end.1. Jump Straight down the well, ignoring the Scarecrow entirely (You drown).2. Speak to the Scarecrow, declining the helm, jump down the well (You submerge at sea).3. Speak to the Scarecrow, take helm (You assume the role of the Nameless King, trapped on the island).I could be wrong, but would like confirmation here.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 May 2016 19:30  

                      If I pick good ending (find salvation achievement) I will be able to pick a dominion achievement in next playtrought?

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Apr 2016 21:19  

                        Anyone knows why he isnt showing up for me? I tried so many times to find him after the bloodless prince and he doenst show up. I did everything right: talked with him in village of smiles, castle of storms and now i have no idea why he os not at zigurrat of dust.

                        • Anonymous

                          08 Apr 2016 04:15  

                          So whats the ending for the Dominion Three implying? Is the Namless God like the real god of the world and the rest fake? Did he kill them or male them the forgotten judge,king,knight?

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Mar 2016 13:45  

                            I managed to get the Dominion Ending without actually killing the last boss. It may be a bug but you even without talking to him at each location, I have let the last boss kill me because i wanted to get some achievements before finishing my NG. I returned many times to the Castle of storm (second Location) and after the third talk, I had the choice to take the helm or not. Taking the helm immediately end the game and grand you the trophy.http://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4436-Salt-and-Sanctuary/IgnisterraI don't have the Palace achievement still I have the dominion achievement.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Mar 2016 23:25  

                              I just wanted to point out that the trees that grow more clear during the ending poems are also different between creeds. Devara's light has a singular bloated tree in the dominion ending, while the House of Splendor has a larger tree with spindling vines in the same ending. Worth getting some pictures of all the different trees, if possible.

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Mar 2016 21:02  

                                So if I talked to the Scarecrow in each location I can choose the "Bad" Ending and if I dont im stuck with the "Good" ending?

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