The Festering Banquet is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This is the second area players access once they have cleared the Shivering Shore, and presents the first boss of the Island.


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A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below. You can add links, images. and other details.  Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

The Festering Banquet is the second area you will encounter, just to the right of Shivering Shore. As soon as you enter the tower, you will encounter enemies such as Rotten Walkers and Rotten Crossbowmen. You want to fight them and head up the first set of stairs back outside, grab the Pouch of Salt and head back in. On the same level you will want to head to the other side and fight a Drowned Berzerker and grab the x3 Red Shard. Now head up and out the first exit on the left (2 floors above the entrance). Here you will find a pouch containing a Stone Merchant and a Bundle of Salt. Right next to it will be a ladder that you can kick down to provide quick access to the Shivering Shore sanctuary.

After that, head back inside and climb up the first ladder you see, once up, go just across the ledge to grab the 3x Torch and 20x Throwing Dagger. Jump back and exit from that opening into a small area with a Rotten Crossbowman and a Feral Beast. Next to the Crossbowman, there will be a Bell of Return that you can pick up. Note, that the Feral Beast has an unblockable jump-and-grab attack that you should avoid by rolling or jumping away. After that, jump up to the ledge on the left and continue upwards into a room with 2 Skullbat, defeat them then head out the door to the left. From there jump up to the ledge on the left to grab 3x Red Shard, now jump down to the small ledge surrounded by wooden platforms (These platforms break away almost immediately which can lead to your death) stand on the platforms to the right and wait for them to break to grab the Stone Cleric on the ledge below. Now head back up to the same area but instead climb up the ladder, at the top a you will encounter a few Rotten Walkers and a Rotten Crossbowman, dispose of them a grab the Rogue's Set (This set is great for starters as it provides adequate defence while still allowing you to roll quick and far). Head into the room to the left and defeat the 2 Skullbat and climb up and head to the right, out the exit into another opening with 5x Grenado. Continue heading upwards and take care of the Drowned Berserker and Rotten Walker to grab the Bandaged Ring (At this point you should have a couple of free ring slots so you should equip this ring to reduce the wounding effect). Now head back down safely to the area where you encountered the walkers and archer but instead head to the right, there you will encounter a Feral Beast and a Drowned Berzerker. Continue past them to the right, and climb up the 2 ledges and head right to find a Shrine. A shrine is like a mini-sanctuary, except that you are only allowed to rest here. However if you are to die, you will respawn at the shrine the next time, until you pray at a Sanctuary again.

After you pray at the Shrine, head back out, and continue upwards and exit to the right to get 3x Red Shard and a Stone Blacksmith. Head back in and out the exit to the left to reach a ledge with a ladder. This ladder leads to The Sodden Knight, the boss of this area. Lets fight!

The Sodden Knight can be a particularly difficult boss for some players still getting a hang of the controls and mechanics of this game. If you find yourself dying a lot to this boss, you can try to farm other Enemies for some Salt, which you can use to level up at your Sanctuary. This in turn will allow you to purchase more skills from the Skill Tree, and give yourself the upper edge. The recommended level for this boss is 5~7 on NG. For strategies on how to defeat the boss, see The Sodden Knight page.

After defeating the boss, head back down the ladder to the left, and back towards the Shrine. Heal up if necessary, and continue downwards past the shrine. Jump up to the ledge on the left to grab the Jurney Bottle. Head back inside the tower, then take the ladder all the way down and grab the Pouch of Salt and pull the lever to open a shortcut to the central area of The Festering Banquet. Head to the right to open a locked door by using the Fortress Key you got from the boss. Outside you will find the NPC, Masterless Knight. Speak to him about his quest. Accepting his quest and exhausting his conversation will further your progress towards the Wise Words achievement. Just continue heading to the right, jump down to a ledge to get the Woodsman's Axe, Cotton Tunic, and Cotton Trousers. Jump back up and grab the Black Pearl and continue over the broken bridge and you will find yourself at Bandit's Pass.

However, you will need the Vertigo Brand to continue, (If you did not select the Stone Sellsword as a starting gift you can head on to the shrine in the Bandit's Pass to get the item to initiate cooperative play). For now head down the ledge and grab the Pitchfork and Pouch of Salt (On the wall to the right you can expose a shortcut that is only accessible later on in the game by using your action button next to the wall. "B" for an Xbox controller, circle for a PS controller, and "C" for a keyboard). Continue downards towards the left, back into The Festering Banquet tower. Then climb up the first set of stairs. grab the Self Bow and the 20x Arrows. Use the lever to open another gate for a shortcut to the central area of The Festering Banquet. Go down, and prepare yourself for some parkour. Quickly jump on the wooden platforms to get a salt2Bundle of Salt and a spearSoldier's Spear. Below those items you will find torch3x Torch. Head to the right and use your action button on the wall to expose a secret area but before heading on in, climb up and talk to the merchant if you want to buy anything. To his right is a set of stairs that leads to a shortcut that isn't yet accessible. Now head back and into the secret area you just exposed and head down the ledges to get a Lightning Bolt and Torch. Continue downwards and into a dark cave with an Armored Mite, since this monster is heavily armored it is recommended that you roll past it and grab the Stained Page and Stone Mage and run back out. Finally head back up to the area where you found the three torches near the merchant. To the left, across the wooden platforms that break, you will encounter a floating Blade Wraith. Fight the Wraith and continue heading left till you come across a long set of stairs heading upwards, with a few Skullbat on it. Go up grab the 3x Calling Horn and Stone Guide, use the lever to unlock the door that leads you directly to the Shivering Shore sanctuary (which is the first Sanctuary you unlocked).

You can go restore yourself at the sanctuary and come back in from the same door, head down the stairs and this time head down from the breakable wooden platform right at the end of the stairs. Continue heading downwards past more Skullbat and on the third ledge downwards you can expose another secret wall to the right. Go in and climb down to grab the Kismet Stone and Bundle of Salt in the chest. Climb back up the ladder and continue to head down the set of ledges to to unlock a door that leads you to the Village of Smiles.

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      This question has been bothering me for so long; why is it called the "festering banquet"? I get why it is called festering, but banquet though. Please tell me if you know!

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        A small protruding cliff between the Nomad and the Blade Wraith hides a secret door. It hides some items and a tough enemy, but eventually leads to a dead end.

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