The Mirekeeper

The Mirekeeper
Health: ??
Rewards:  ??
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

The Mirekeeper is a character in Salt and Sanctuary

She is a Bloodbrow, a group that hunted monsters for salt."


  • Mire of Stench: After defeating That Stench Most Foul, there will be a wooden plank elevator lift. Ride it all the way down and then all the way up and talk to the NPC on a ledge on the left.


Quest Information




Hey stranger.
You're like me, aren't you?
You hunt monsters for their salt too, don't you?

Well, you'll want to be finding you way to the shore.
There's escape through that cave, but it appears blocked.
Only... it's not.
You just need to see it.
Would you like to see it?

You must see.
Are you ready?

Very good. Your hand, then.

See with the eyes of a hunter.

My people created Redshift barriers centuries ago to contain beasts.
We were hunters of nightmares: beastly thralls, possessed animals, demonic spirits.
We sometimes captured our quarry, to be held in prisons of Redshift.

This island is full of Redshift barriers, but I didn't place them.
I don't know how to build Redshift, I don't think anyone does anymore.
The secret died generations ago.

This island draws people from so many places... and times?
A fellow Bloodbrow must have been here... from centuries ago.

Hunt fiercely, friend.


Player Notes

  • NPC Set: Tachi, Bloodbrow Cuirass, Bloodbrow Greaves, Bloodbrow Scutum


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