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Full  Crypt of Dead Gods Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below. You can add links, images and other details.  Not a reader? You can watch the Video Walkthrough instead below the text.

Crypt of Dead Gods is the second-last area that you will encounter after making your way through the Salt Alkymancery. Assuming you followed this walthrough all the way and found him at the previous locations, right at the enntrance, you will find the Scarecrow. He will ask you to choose between "Survival" and "dominion" option. You can pick either as it does not have any real impact on the game (Needs Confirmation?)

Then head left, jumping across ledges and picking up the Case of Salt. Along the way you will see a Gravewalker. Further to the left of him will be the area Sanctuary. Claim it for the Creed of your choice by placing their idol at the altar. Head further left from the sanctuary, up the stairs and into the cavern. Pickup the Stone Leader along the way and go all the way to the edge of the cave. Here you'll find a ladder going up to a lever which unlocks a shortcut to Hager's Cavern. Then head back towards the Sanctuary.

Exit the sanctuary to the right, and head back towards the Entrance. From here head to the floor below and start making your way to the left. Along the way you will find 3x Drowned Locket on a small ledge. From here drop down and keep making your way to the bottom-left corner of this area till you reach this ledge with a Crate of Salt on it. ()

Then jump over to the ledge on the right as shown in the video. Drop down the ledge then keep going down, and to the right you will see a small ledge that has 3x Charred Locket. From here, you need to jump over to the left (just below the ledge shown in the video above), picking up several items along the way.  Above the breakable ledge is a room on the right which leads to a shortcut back to the sanctuary.  From the sanctuary exit left and make your way back down then keep going left then down further until you find 3x Frozen Locket. The next drop requires you to quickly dart-jump right to reach the next ledge.  Look to the left to see an exit. Drop down and head into the room and climb up the stairs. From the top, you need to start going downwards into the gap by jumping from ledge to ledge. Be ready with your heals as you will probably take a lot of fall damage along the way. You need to follow this order. The word "fully" implies hug the wall of that side. (fully left - fully right - slightly left - fully left - fully right- fully left - fully right - fully left - slightly right). Another way to fall down safely is to follow the candles on the back wall. This will bring you to the optional bosses of this area - The Forgotten King, Judge and Knight.

Each member of this trio has different resistances and attacks. For tips and strategies on how to defeat these bosses, see The Forgotten King, Judge and Knight pages respectively. After defeating them, head to the right to find a Shimmering Pearl. Above it is an opening that you can wall-jump your way through. Keep going to the top, where you'll find a lever that unlocks a hidden door. This will lead you back to the upper part of the Crypt.

Once outside, head left till you reach a lifted platform. From here wall jump upwards to the platform on the left (the one with the stairs next to it). Head left from there and you will see an Exit in the wall above, to your right. Make your way into that exit to find 2 more Gravewalker. In between them will be 3x A Lord's Orders. Head past them to the right, through the exit till you see the clouds. Dart-jump over to the right 2 times. The platform in the middle will have a Crystal Sphere. On the platform you stop at, you will see an exit below it. That leads to a Shrine.  Keep heading right to reach a chest with another 3x A Lord's Orders. Now go back and jump down to the shrine room to rest up. ()

The next boss is below the shrine, to the right. So head out of the shrine, and jump down to the left. It will be a long fall leading to a Crypt Keeper, so be prepared to run to the right, up the stairs as soon as you land. Here you will fight the Kraekan Dragon Skourzh. He is very resistant to lightning so those attacks are to be avoided. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see the Kraekan Dragon Skourzh page.

After defeating the boss, head to the right to reach the final area of the game, The Still Palace

Crypt of Dead Gods Video Walkthrough

Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.
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    • Anonymous

      Backwards17 Jul 2016 03:44  

      I am convinced that whoever wrote this walkthrough does not know left from right. Says exit to the right of the sanctuary, it's easier to go left and down. The first drop? Stay left. The ledge is on the right.

      • Anonymous

        Optional bosses27 May 2016 14:51  

        The directions for the falls you need to take to get to the optional bosses are complete garbage and will get you killed.

        • Anonymous

          Optional area to the Forgotten King24 May 2016 14:12  

          There are indications on where you can or cannot jump. You should push the down button and look for the cobweb. If there is a cobweb, then you can jump there, just be sure to equip the Bandaged Ring, to reduce injuring from several jumps you'll take while falling.

          • Anonymous

            Final Areas11 Apr 2016 19:52  

            The more I play through this game the more I realise that the developers got lazier and lazier towards the end of it. First the Witch of the Lake is complete and utter RNG bull*****. Then we have this *****ing area. This area is literal bull***** because it relies on you taking damage, and finding platforms that aren't visible when I'm using my camera to look around. It really feels cheap, and the more I play the more I feel like I've wasted my money on a game that tried to draw you in with Soulsvania-like game play. Which unfortunately turned into a bad platformer with cheap grab attacks.

            • Anonymous

              your walkthrough videos suck03 Apr 2016 16:13  

              Do it solo you shrieking harpy. It's not helpful to see walkthrough where you co-op and fumble around and use the warp to other player trick constantly. This level is AWFUl and i can't figure out anything from the stupid video.

              • Anonymous

                stupid area24 Mar 2016 18:24  

                very retarded area, I beat the boss before it first try but can't kill one of those enemies with the green core, very bad design. Stopped playing here

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