The Far Beach is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This quiet beach is the connection between Fort Beyond the Mire and Dome of the Forgotten.


the far beach walkthrough

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Full  The Far Beach Walkthrough

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The Far Beach is the twelfth area you will encounter after making your way over with the Boatman from the Fort-Beyond-the-Mire.

First Visit

Once you get off the boat, head left to find the Despondent Thief at the pier. Speak to her to complete her questline and obtain a Frozen Tome. Then head further left and take the set of stairs going down to find the unclaimed Sanctuary. Claim it for the Creed of your choice using their respective idol.

From here we need to reach the Dome of the Forgotten. You can do this the long way, or the shorter way. The long way is to go back outside and left again, climbing above the entrance leading towards the Ziggurat of Dust. Then you'll have to climb a sort-of pyramid leading to a bunch of message bottles telling you to either abandon all hope or bless you. Anyway, go down the pyramid and left to find a cave to leading to The Ruined Temple. Just head straight left, killing all the enemies along the way, and you'll find a red wall to pass with the torch. Once outside, climb the stairs to the right, and you'll be in the Dome of the Forgotten.

The shorter, quicker and more direct way of doing it would be to put down a statue guideStone Guide at the Sanctuary, and use the guide to travel to the Red Hall of Cages Sanctuary. From the Red Hall Sanctuary, head right and continue going all the way downhill to the valley, and then back up the other end, continuing to go up when you see a group of stairs. You will find yourself at the front entrance to the Dome of the Forgotten.

Second Visit

You will return to The Far Beach again after having cleared the Dome of the Forgotten and Cran's Pass. Travel to the Far Beach Sanctuary and then head out to the right to start making your way to the next area, the Ziggurat of Dust. (Video

 Take the stairs going above the Sanctuary and head uphill to the left. At the top of the hill you will find an entrance with stairs on top of it (looks like a subway station exit). Go inside and head downstairs, at the bottom of the stairs is a ladder, and a breaking wooden bridge leading to a Redshift wall. Climb down the ladder to pickup a whip chainMartial Flail and statue clericStone Cleric. Then head back up the ladder, and walk through the Redshift wall to reach the Ziggurat of Dust Sanctuary.

The Far Beach Video Walkthrough





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