The Blackest Vault is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. It is an optional area that is only accessible after having used a Stained Page on a sanctuary that is not of your creed, and dying to the spawned enemies to obtain a Bloodwrit. This is also home to the Order of the Betrayer Creed.

the blackest vault location salt and sanctuary guide

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Finding The Blackest Vault and the Order of the Betrayer Creed.

  1. In order to find this creed, you will first need to have used a Stained Page on a sanctuary that is not of your creed, and died to the aggroed NPCs. When you die this way, you will obtain a Bloody Writ.
  2. Once you have the writ, head to Siam Lake and go right from the sanctuary. You will need a torch!
  3. Find a gap in the ground with water dripping down, then follow the water to fall down onto platforms below.
  4. Be careful that the last drop is for a collapsing platform, so perform a dart jump at the end.
  5. Past the collapsing platform stands The Gatewoman. Talk to her, hand over the Bloody Writ, and answer 'Yes' to her question to receive the Skull Trophy and the Bone Key.  A dart jump to the end of the collapsing platform, touching down, and then two dart jumps to the left yields a treasure chest with a Drowned Tome in it.  Return the same way, or warp out.

A video of how to do it below:




Full  The Blackest Vault Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below. You can add links, images. and other details.


Open the locked door behind The Gatewoman with the Bone Key and go down the stairs until reaching the Sanctuary. Exit to the right and collect the Stone Guide before jumping onto the collapsing platform. Use the Vertigo and Dart Brands to reach a platform above with an obelisk. Activate the obelisk and continue to the right. The tenth jump will cancel the obelisk effect and allow the player to land on a platform to the left. The next room contains a Gray Pearl and sets of stairs that leads to Pitchwoods, just before Carsejaw the Cruel.

It's worth noting that it's technically possible to join the Order of the Betrayer, unlock the door, rejoin another creed and then convert the sanctuary to that creed. However, since this resets devotion with the original creed, and the sanctuary is inconveniently placed, doing so is not advisable.


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    • Anonymous

      If you follow the water down, just count 8 drops (counting the first one from to the right of the Siam Lake sanctuary after you kill the troll with the torch). Jump once you reach the platform after 8 drops to the right and dash in the air. And for the LOVE OF GOD, ANSWER YES TO HER QUESTION. Otherwise she permanently just doesn't do anything and you missed your Drowned Tome!!!

      • Anonymous

        For those who wonder, cause stupidly there's only the video but not the description of it, the correct path to reach the betrayers is, from dropping on the first platform, left, right, right, left, right, right, right, right with a long jump to avoid collapsing wooden bridge, also theres a drowned tome attainable with a long jump left from the collapsing wooden bridge.

        • Anonymous

          I joined Order of the Betrayer...then desecrated their own shrine, killed them all and made it to my original creed :D

          • Anonymous

            i mess up getting a Bloody Writ from the last creed that was not my own and taken over all the others creed so can't go into the blackest vault now or can i atk one of my sanctuary die then pay my sin for atk or does that make my creed hate me forever? i love to know if this way works

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