Armor Mite

Armor Mite
Health: 200
Drops: 600 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Red Shard x1 [10]
Armor Mite Chitin x1 [40]
Hateful Jawbone x1 [40]
Enduring Skull x1 [10]
Strike 250 Fire 0
Slash 500 Lightning 0
Poise 60 Poison 0
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

Armor Mite is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A cave-dwelling, heavily armored, chitinous creature. The Armor Mite is actually two creatures: an Ogre Crab and the fleshy, bipedal victim (usually a man) it has repurposed as its torso half. The victim doesn't actually die during the fusion, though once the process has begun, it cannot survive without its host."



Combat Information

    • Attack Types:
    • Weak vs: Elemental damage, staggers easy.
    • Strong vs: Slash damage



Player Notes

      • Beast Set: ??
      • May be a reference to the infamous Pyramid Head monster from Silent Hill 2.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Dec 2017 03:45  

      If you are trying to get the Armor Mite Chitin for Devara's Light devotion there is a real fast early farm for it.
      Bandit's Pass sanctuary... exit left > first drop down > go through the door and kill 3 bats > left and down to the secret door on your right below the merchant room > CAREFULLY jump down... Armor Mite in the dark alone.

      3 - Drowned Berzerker's Ear
      3 - Vilehawk's Ear
      3 - Poison Cytoplasm Gel
      1- Armor Mite Chitin
      Gives you access to level 5 Devara Cleric store which is everything except the highest level attack buff
      All before going into Castle of Storms

      • Anonymous

        04 Nov 2016 00:00  

        Just like the first Bronze Knight, this one can be killed quite cheesily and well before time (it just takes an eternity): Lure him out of the cave and wait on the downmost platform. If you stand to the right, he will -come the time- jump/walk to the right of you, which is when you can hit him. Note: If he does his jump swing from there, be careful as he might hit you even on the platform.

        • Anonymous

          Drop Rates?03 Jul 2016 03:39  

          Are the numbers next to the drops a percentage or is it an approximation of how many you have to kill to get one.

          • Anonymous

            information update02 Jul 2016 07:05  

            Location missing:There is a hidden cave close to the nomad merchant, thus early on in the game.After the outdoor passage downwards comes a dark cave where a item is on the ground and a armor mite will first walk away from you in the pitch black, then ambush you. It is possible to lure it out and exploit the platform there. Really hard to kill at that early stage, but a way to possibly obtain the chitin for it´s sword earlyon, too.

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