The Tree of Skill in Salt and Sanctuary is where the player will spend Black Pearls and Gray Pearls to acquire Skills. You can acquire Black Pearls by spending Salt in a Sanctuary, or by finding them through out the game. Gray Pearls will refund you Black Pearls, should you choose to respec a Skill.

To the left of the Skill Tree is a seperate window that displays your character stats. You can use L2/R2 to cycle between the panels. This will give you a more accurate readout of how each stat change will affect your character.

The Skill Tree is laid out in such a way that Magic users will put points into the left side of the tree, Dexterity users will put points into the upper left part of the tree, Strength users will put points into the upper right part of the tree and Wisdom users will use the right side of the tree. In between these parts - where they come together - you will see a mix of Skills that would be beneficial to hybrid users.

Some skills will unlock specific features, like unlocking higher class equipment or gaining more healing items at a Sanctuary. Other skills are purely for stats, and these skills can be purchased repeatedly (5x times each) to allow your character to gain higher stats on a specific path.

Most Classes begin the game with 2 predetermined Skills (they are different for each class). Please see the Classes page for more information on that.

  • Note: If you see weapons or armor with two red lines forming an X, it means you don't have the requirements to use the item. If you see only one red line (over weapons) it means you must two-hand the weapon to use it effectively.
  • Note: Similar to weapons, magic/prayers will not be enabled until the appropriate skill level/class is aquired - you will see an X across the skill until you aquire the skill/class. e.g. Prayers cannot be used until you aquire the Cleric Class (bottom right quadrant of the skilltree) 


Skill Tree Images


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    • Anonymous

      05 Feb 2018 15:10  

      The "Reaper" classes are buyable (although I were only able to buy "Reaper class 1")

      Also, the background ring is what it follows up with up until "Reaper class 5" next to the "Renewed will" (top left and left of it)

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2018 15:07  

        There's actually a hidden class set called the "Reaper" directly in the space below the "Pikeman class 3" and then "Reaper class 2" top right of "Reaper class 1".

        • Anonymous

          17 Dec 2017 03:31  

          Do you have to do the skils in order? For example, im doing a paladin build w/ great hamm-axes and around level 4 the breserker level 5 is only two nodes away._. Can i buy it if 1 havent put any points into lvl 2, 3, or 4?

          • Anonymous

            01 Aug 2017 13:56  

            This just seems so needless as compared to the standard level up menu Dark Souls utilizes. Can someone explain to me the benefits here?

            • Anonymous

              02 Jul 2017 05:28  

              Might be a silly question, but what benefits does filling out a node have, over picking a new one of the same type? (i.e. taking 3 different dex nodes vs investing 3 pearls into 1)

              • Anonymous

                23 Feb 2017 18:47  

                very confusing skilltree, I have no idea where to begin with it or even how to. doesn't help it's hard to see and no discernible way to tell which part is which... I had to shut the game down to try and find info as I am not re-rolling again tonight, took me like 30 attempts to kill the first boss.

                • Anonymous

                  31 Jan 2017 00:45  

                  Just noticed the skill tree has about a dozen of invisible nods. I did a quick search to see if anyone else had discovered this, and found the following:

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Nov 2016 19:56  

                    So when putting Black Pearls into Skills that I want for my Build does everyone have to put a skill into things they don't want? Because the only way to unlock Light Armor 1 I have to select Daggers but I want to put skills in Reapers. And then continuing up to have Light Armor 2 you at least have to select a few more skills into bows or crossbows. Is this meant to happen?

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Oct 2016 16:05  

                      Is it just me or do the skill-tree's branchs look like constellations ? The dex branch looks like a bow, the greathammer/greataxe's looks like a bull, the mage branch looks like a snail or maybe the upper part of a mage staff... didn't figure out the swordfighter/pikeman and cleric branchs.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Aug 2016 12:46  

                        I don't see it listed anywhere but thought it was worth noting: stat nodes can be upgraded 3x each. After playing a heavy character and resorting to the light armor path to get more endurance... I felt silly when figuring this out.

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Jul 2016 22:08  

                          Anyone noticed that the Skill tree has a lot of lore from different books, AND IT EVEN COMES WITH IT'S OWN BIBLE!Wish that someone could collate it.

                          • 09 Jul 2016 03:18  

                            I've taken the image above and added coloured highlights of the different class starting skills as well as categories of weapons/spells.Halfway I realized it would have been much better to rip the activated nodes from in-game, but until someone does it I'll post the picture.

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Jul 2016 15:00  

                              I had Kureimoa (or something like that) and transmuted it for nothern cross but now i dont have the magic skill lvl to weild fcked. How do i upgrade my magic skill lvl? Do i only throw pearls into magic or in class X staff and wands? What will make me go to class 1 magic to class 2 magic? (I started as a mage but never upgraded magic)

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Apr 2016 06:49  

                                The gray pearl should work as a way to reset the whole skill tree.. Not just one skill. Considering the many ways to chose. Doing that as a patch would be great.

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Apr 2016 21:33  

                                  Is there a limit to how many points you can put into a single skill? ive been spreading out each skill and I noticed little dots on the skill bubbles and realized you could put more than a single point into the skills haha. I havent gone past 5 in a single skill but I just thought I would ask before I run into that wall.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    25 Mar 2016 21:52  

                                    I'm playing a Magic build and I wanted to transmute my Arming Sword into Tachi, and I made it over to Class 2 Swordfighter, but it won't let me purchase it even though I have 2 Black Pearls. Do you need Class 1 before being able to get Class 2?

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