Poison Cytoplasm

Health: 10
Drops: 75 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Lock of Hair x1 [10]
Charred Doll x1 [10]
Frozen Doll x1 [10]
Silver Leaf x1 [30]
Endless Fang x1 [10]
Poison Cytoplasm Gel x1 [40]
Strike 1000 Fire -50(-67*)
Slash 1000 Lightning -50(-67*)
Poise 10 Poison 2000
Block 0 Holy 0
Block Damage 0 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Poison Cytoplasm is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

Shapeless mass of toxic, gelatinous goo. Poison Cytoplasms are a highly malicious mutation of the more innocuous "normal" Cytoplasms."




Combat Information

    • Attack Types: A leaping grapple that inflicts heavy poison build-up.
    • Weak vs: Fire, Lightning, Holy, Arcane
    • Strong vs: Slash, Strike, Poison



Player Notes

      • Poison Cytoplasms stick to the trees in the Watching Woods. Pay attention to the trunks and avoid walking under them and being hit by their grapple. They can be dislodged by jumping and attacking.


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    • Anonymous

      Jeez, guys, just use fast enough weapon, spear with charm that increases attack speed works for me. If you attack fast enough and time your attacks you can actually prevent their grab attack, it takes three hits with meager soldier spear to kill them, between this and stunlock they don't have much a chance. if you grabs you, smash attack button and you'll tear him apart, minimizing poison buildup. It's just a matter of patience, like some areas in Dark Souls (blight...cough... town).

      • Anonymous

        God I lost so much salt to these guys, enough to make me feel salty. When I go at a snail's pace through their area I can fight them fine, but F*** me if I want to just go past them without fighting them.

        • Anonymous

          i mean you can attack them and kill them, but not without them jumping on you, you cant block it, if you roll they jump again and get you! Anyone have any tips?

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