Health: 25
Drops: 120 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Endless Fang x1 [10]
Red Shard x1 [10]
Retchfeeder Maw x1 [40]
Silver Leaf x0 [10]
Strike 100 Fire 80
Slash 40 Lightning 80
Poise 5 Poison 80
Block 100 Holy 80
Block Damage 100 Arcane 80
Block Magic 60    

Retchfeeder is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A vicious minor Kraekan. These vile beasts gravitate toward pockets of rot and human filth, which are their main forms sustenance."




Combat Information

    • Attack Types: A quick tail jab; a repeated claw slash; a leaping grapple that inflicts moderate damage.
    • Weak vs: Slash
    • Strong vs: Strike, Elements



Player Notes

      • Often appear by climbing down pillars. Be wary of them turning up behind or around you.
      • Cannot be staggered by parries, and the grapple cannot be blocked at all.


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    • Anonymous

      There appears to be a general issue with this enemy's pouncing grab attack. If performed near a ledge such that the movement of the pounce carries you to the edge of it, you'll be immediately downwarped to the next piece of terrain below the ledge once the animation finishes. This can be used in a few different circumstances, like skipping cyclops or, as another poster noted, sequence breaking the hall of cages.

      • Anonymous

        Found an interesting exploit today. In the red hall, there is a spot at the Elevator leading all the way down, where a gaoler waits for you near the ledge, and a retchfeeder climbing down the nearby pillar. turns out the retchfeeder pounce makes you immune to fall dmg as long as you're grabbed. This bad boy grabbed me and hurled me all the eay down the elevator Shaft, andbi already kissed my Souls goodbye. But Well, i survived and now more or less skipped half of the hall of cages. Thought it might be interesting to know.

        • Anonymous

          Extremely poorly designed enemy; they can jump a full screen distance away, grab you at the height of your jump, spam the grab non-stop if they feel like it and if one grabs you they can just alternate between grabbing you on release to just lock you into death regardless of your armor or stats. Not an issue with overpowered weps since you just one shot them, but that doesn't justify such laughably poor design on the grab

          • Anonymous

            I literally want to slap the face of the dev that decided to keep this monster's leap attack so overpowered. With all my hate.

            • Anonymous

              You see the ladder just after the Cyclops boss-fight ? Well, if you already aggroed the little group at the top of it but somehow fell off, DON'T climb back up ! The moment the climbing animation is done, you're dead beef jerky.

              • Anonymous

                these killed me more than anything else in the entire game, even when i was running thorugh here extremely late game. don't underestimate these little bities!!!

                • Anonymous

                  ***** these assholes. They just jump on me repeatedly for half life. Can't block. Must kill as soon as they spawn or it's hell.

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