Health: 100
Drops: 100 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Frozen Reliquary x1 [10]
Amber Idol x1 [40]
Strike 350 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 100 Poison 0
Block 10 Holy 0
Block Damage 10 Arcane 0
Block Magic 10    

Spindlebeast is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

Another of the Architect's salt-built abominations. Back on the continents, Salt Alkymancery is a thing of horrible fables: stories of undying sorcerers perched in storm-battered, impassable towers, molding the icy heart of the sea itself into bizarre, nightmarish thralls."



Combat Information

    • Attack Types: Charging stab that almost certainly one-shots you.
    • Weak vs: Slash, Elements, Ranged Attacks
    • Strong vs: Strike



Player Notes

      • Extremely dangerous enemies found when leaving the Ruined Temple's lowest-most East exit after killing the Coveted. You'll find a group of three which can be dodged with some diligent work with the fading platforms above them.
        • If one intends on fighting these things consider using ranged weapons, magic, or long melee weapons.
      • Their hit will drain horrendous amounts of HP from your lifebar. At 190 HP, you'll be left with almost nothing from a single drain attack from them, and even worse, you'll be wounded enough to the point where, even at refilling your health, another drain attack will definitely kill you. Magic is the safest way to take these out.
      • Do NOT use a shield to block its attacks. You cannot guard them and they'll go right through your defense.
      • While risky, a well timed and fully charged strong attack with a greatsword, greataxe, or polearm can one-shot them so long as it deals 100+ damage in a single strike.


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    • Anonymous

      02 Jan 2021 12:52  

      That's the moment bows and crossbows shine in this game. Strong attack with spears also are a good way to make short work of those bastards.

      • Anonymous

        17 Aug 2020 15:15  

        Awww, unicorns! They're friendly, right? They'll probably do something whimsical and benevolent, maybe restore my health or sing me a song....

        ..here they come now...


        • Anonymous

          09 May 2020 04:31  

          Healing items take effect over time, so what I always do is down them before I target one. Also always use something that can one shot them as a melee build, they don't give a ***** about getting hit otherwise.

          • Anonymous

            18 Nov 2018 06:31  

            Mage/melee here using black widow and strong holy weapon buff with strong attack one shotted them, there just mobs that require different strategy, they just trying to make you jump the blocks

            • Anonymous

              15 Oct 2018 23:55  

              Poison seems to work well if you have a ranged weapon capable of doing that, like Poison Arrows or Wraithfangs. Just be ready to dodge them or run to an elevated platform while waiting for the poison's damage to stack.

              • Anonymous

                19 Aug 2018 11:04  

                I never thought that I would have knock-off unicorns be something that I would hate more than the Nissan Cube

                • Anonymous

                  25 Jul 2018 09:53  

                  Absolutely HATE these jackoffs. An unblockable attack that not only drains your health but that they like to spam, as well as putting three of them together? That's just unfair guys! Platforming aside, these guys are the only thing I've encountered so far that have made me rage quit.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Mar 2018 14:58  

                    Fairly far to the right of the spindlebeasts, there are stairs leading down into a cave. I led one at a time over to the stairs, got under them, and killed the spindlebeasts.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jan 2018 19:30  

                      If you drop down and go to the right from the platform on the very bottom you will get to a set of stairs. If you lead one of them to that area you can drop down and kill them individually. Pretty easy

                      • 25 Sep 2017 01:58  

                        These guys can be a pain at times, but if you can get them one at a time, they're fun to fight due to the "I need to be careful or I'll die" feeling when taking one on. I stripped, got a dagger and hit/dodged 'em after leading his friends into the temple. Don't take a lot of hits thankfully. I didn't want to kill them at first since I liked how they looked lol.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Mar 2017 16:55  

                          I really like how everyone hates those things but don't seem to understand their purpose. If you go to pitchwood from the far beach after getting the dart brand, you can bypass the entire ruined temple IF you manage to kill them. Besides I found it kind of fun the first time I encountered them, since being one shot by a retarded looking unicorn right after I cut through three bosses in a row kind of reminded me that the game was indeed kind of hard. Not to mention the witch right afterwards...

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Mar 2017 04:56  

                            Seems like everyone hate those guys so much :D and many people choose to avoid them. Yeah, it's a good choice if you don't want to waste time and salt. But after a long time dealing with them as a melee char, i found out some easy ways to kill them:
                            1. Use bow to attract one, run to Ruined Temple and jump on platfoms. From here you can shoot them with bow until dead. This will takes sometime as melee char, but it's a least dangerous way. And it still works well at GT+2 with self bow VII.
                            2. Unwear all armor for the fastest speed. Attract one with bow, then use 'hit and doge' strategy. It's faster but needs some "skills".
                            3. Use greathammer, buff for the highest damage and take them out with one hit. It works pretty well at GT+
                            I hope this can help you guys a little bit :)

                            • Anonymous

                              26 Jan 2017 18:44  

                              I know these guys hit hard, but all the anger... I had 36k souls, came across them, died to their charge, went back, lured 'em one by one and used poison daggers from a platform. I have a melee build. For all those comparing to DS, which I've put about 1500 hrs into the franchise... you never did the same in those games? Of course you did. I had WAY more problems on NG with certain bosses in S&S. These guys can't jump or fly or range attack, hence easy to kite and kill. Enemies like this make the game dynamic, and frankly hilarious the first time they got me I was like WTF is that haha.

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Jan 2017 19:09  

                                After dying to these things about a dozen times, I got angry while impaled and starting mashing all the buttons out of frustration. I was able to dart (i.e. roll button) out. Definitely don't recommend trying on purpose, but didn't see anyone else post about that.

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