Bronze Knight

Health: 100
Drops: 500 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Kraekan Greatshield x1 [10]
Bronze Knight Ashes x1 [40]
Kraekan Helm x1 [10]
Kraekan Armor x1 [10]
Kraekan Greaves x1 [10]
Kraekan Gloves x1 [10]
Strike 100 Fire 250
Slash 500 Lightning 250
Poise 50 Poison 250
Block 95 Holy 250
Block Damage 100 Arcane 250
Block Magic 70    

Bronze Knight is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A well-armored knight. These powerful warriors wordlessly patrol the island, corralling the drowned and hunting the living."




Combat Information

    • Attack Types:
    • Weak vs: Strike Damage (Marginally)
    • Strong vs: Slash Damage



Player Notes

      • Wearing the Kraekan Armor.
      • Easily farmed directly below the Castle of Storms sanctuary. The knight is standing between two convenient lighting traps which you can abuse to kill him quickly risk free.
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    • There is most probably a bug, where he does not drop anything or the drop rate is greatly reduced, when you kill him using the traps. After hitting him with traps and finishing him over 20 time, he did not drop anything, but when I started to avoid triggering the traps I got loot almost every time.

      • Anonymous

        Why do people have so much problems with these guys? You don't even need to fight them conventionally, so to speak. Just parry until it dies, sword knights have almost the same huge and super-easy telegraphs as Red Lords on every attack. After a bit of learning you'll start to parry them without thinking, and riposte does considerable damage with any weapon, even bare hands. Axe knights are a bit trickier, but again, once you'll get used to parry, they essentially become harmless.

        • Anonymous

          For a cheesy trick to beat him, lure him (a) into the trap and/or (b) further back into the cave entrance. Stand on the first step, wait until he turns away, jump down and give him a hit or two if you dare...then quickly reascend the step. Rinse and repeat. Even did that with my fat-rolling Paladin.

          • Anonymous

            Pretty much impossible to kill the first one in Village of Smiles with the hunter. Bolts/whip/sword all do 1-2 damage to him, meanwhile he does 1/3rd of your hp in a single (spammable) swing.

            • Anonymous

              can't get the bloody gloves to drop from bronze knights, i have gotten the head several times, the shield several times and the chest/legs multiple times but no gloves

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