Type 46 Tower Shield

Tower Shield
Balance 95
Weight 28
Cost 500
Class 3 Shield
Special -
Blunt 99
Bladed 94
Fire 93
Lightning 70
Poison 73
Holy 78
Arcane 82


Type 46 Tower Shield is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



A large and heavy shield of highly-refined steel. Mass-produced in the Federation of Coastrock by means of industrial-scale sand casting, this model was designed for issue to heavy infantry units in the nation's enormous army. Its all-metal composition reflects Coastrock's plentiful mineral resources and perpetual shortage of military-grade hardwoods.


Notes and Tips:

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Location/Where to Find

  • Found in a pouch on a platform with 2 Vile Guards in Red Hall of Cages after the sanctuary.
  • Sold by Blacksmith (Splendor & Three) and Darksmith.


    • Anonymous

      100 stagger on VII06 Aug 2016 14:20  

      This shield got 100 stagger, full physical and almost full fire(99,7) resistance. That means you can block attacks without losing any stamina at all.

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