Dark Arrows

Dark Arrows


Summon an arcane orb that launches barrages of arcane arrows at foes.

Blood magic is a powerful tool, but it is cast with great cost. A blood magic caster sacrifices a bit of himself with every spell he casts.


4 Magic

Focus Cost


Dark Arrows is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Dark Arrows Effect

  • Summons an arcane orb that launches barrages of homing arcane arrows at foes
  • Temporarily debuffs your character upon use, massively decreasing your defense (same effect that Flask of Defilement has on enemies).



Where to Find Dark Arrows



Notes and Tips

  • Orb takes roughly 1 second to fire projectiles
  • Projectiles fired from orb have good homing capabilities
  • Projectiles also tend to switch between multiple targets if fired into a group
  • Lacks in damage, even at high Magic and with all projectiles hitting their target
  • Orb that fires the homing arcane arrows dissipates on contact with terrain
  • Deals great stagger damage to enemies, enough to stunlock some bosses if spammed; the low damage means the compensation is not equal, it is still ineffective
  • The incredibly low damage of the arcane arrows means a Flask of Defilement adds hardly any damage to the projectiles




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    • Anonymous

      This spell is meant as a setup to cast other spells/incantations with relative safety, like Dark Swarm which is quite slow. If it was dealing high damage, you probably wouldn't need anything else to beat the game. In my opinion, it's already bonkers.

      • Anonymous

        Actually this is a good magic against many bosses due to the hits frequency that ultimately result in relentless knock back and combining with focus leeching potion (don't remember its name), one could kill some bosses even with high arcane defense (the nameless god) without moving. although high focus is needed but should not be the problem the time it is needed. That is what I found when helplessly fighting the coveted in NG+.

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