Crystalmoat Ring

Mind and body are inherently linked, but wise practitioners of mindfulness are able to form ethereal moats of spirit, effectively compartmentalizing the effects of mental and physical tasks.

Crystalmoat Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Crystalmoat Ring Effect

  • Halves the effect of Focus usage on Fatigue.
  • I.e. Halves the effect of Fatigue on max Stamina.



Where to Find Crystalmoat Ring

  • Sold by Merchant (Fire), Cleric of Woods, Priestess of Devara, Priest of Devara, Priestess of Azmodak, Priestess (Splendor) and Cleric of Fire.
  • on the floor before the Kaeken cyclop boss fight (watching wood side)



  • If you often find yourself healing or resurrecting your partner in co-op, this ring is an absolute must-have.




  • Trivia goes here


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