Lightning Arc

Dark Arrows

Summon a powerful arc of lightning

Lightning Arc is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Lightning Arc Effect

  • Summon a powerful arc of lightning
  • Deals 20 lightning damage.
  • Covers a larger area than Lightning Bolt.
  • Class 3



Where to Find Lightning Arc



  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      04 Jul 2019 03:56  

      Is there any reason to use this spell over lightning bolt? It costs 2.25x as much focus and does the same damage just for hitting a slightly wider cone,

      • Anonymous

        Beneath the queen of smiles room in the big cavern you must use an obelisk to reach, but in order to find the spell you'll also need to perform shadowflip tricks07 Jul 2016 12:45  

        if you have shadowflip and vertigo brand you can simply get this spell for free in the cavern beneath the queen of smiles room

        • Anonymous

          Where is this spell?25 Mar 2016 16:12  

          I have the three as my creed, a stone Mage in my sanctuary and class 3 magic. Why doesn't the stone Mage have lightning arc for sale?

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