Bloody Writ is a Key Item in Salt and Sanctuary.

Bloody Writ

A bloodstained papyrus page containing some not quite legible symbols. You sense that carrying this proves something about your heart, but you're not quite sure of what.


Bloody Writ Effect



Where to Find Bloody Writ

  • Obtained by dying after using a Stained Page to attempt to desecrate a Sanctuary.




  • You must first rest at the sanctuary you plan to desecrate, otherwise you will not be given a Bloody Writ when you respawn.
  • To desecrate, the Stained Page must be selected in your item bar, not from your inventory.




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    • Anonymous

      06 Feb 2017 09:43  

      you dont have to die, just desecrate and then save and quit, you will start from shivering shore and will be rewarded the Bloody Writ

      • Anonymous

        21 Dec 2016 11:12  

        I died trying to convert a sanctuary, but got nothing and my salt reformed as a otherworldy creature, like when you die by the environment.

        Then I beat the gaurdians and got a Twisted Heart

        • Anonymous

          Bloody Writ / How I got it.21 Jul 2016 16:03  

          On a new play through i got it. After reading a bit of info on here about "Sin" and "Corruption", i realized that i may first need "Sin" to get it. So i changed alignment at a sanctuary then returned to my original alignment's sanctuary.then using the above mentioned process of desecrating the sanctuary, i did it & failed the fight encounter. giving me the bloody Writ. I believe i may have rested at the sanctuary first and spawned just outside of the sanctuary with it.hope this helps!cheers S

          • Anonymous

            Don't stop at a shrine first02 Jun 2016 05:02  

            I stopped at the shrine on the way to the Fire and Sky sanctuary, because it was the only unclaimed sanctuary I could desecrate in my game, and when I died I respawned at the shrine, with no bloody writ. Don't think it's related to NG+, I tried with another character in NG+ to desecrate and it worked fine, you should wind up at the start of the game if you die.

            • Anonymous

              Wave formations24 May 2016 02:35  

              I just got into the Salt Alkymancery and I ran back to desecrate the Hall of Splendor sanctuary and this was the wave layout I had. First was the single guy who was already there, the one who ran the shop. Second was a Guardian Mage plus something I don't know. It was like a Dread Horseman, but it's shield was brown and it moved slower and was weaker. third was a second Guardian Mage with a mounted Dread Horseman. After that it was done and I could claim the sanctuary

              • Anonymous

                Still confused31 Mar 2016 15:15  

                I still don't understand how I'm supposed to "desecrate" a sanctuary. And when I die, would it just appear in my inventory or...?

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