Dragonfire is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Dark Arrows

"Summon a searing plume of flame"


Dragonfire Effect

  • Summon a searing plume of flame
  • Consumes stamina per use
  • Class 4



Where to Find Dragonfire




  • As of, this spell has been nerfed. Previously, it was known for being one of the strongest spells, if not the strongest spell in the game.




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    • Anonymous

      It is now nerfed10 Apr 2016 05:04  

      It can no longer be held for as long as you have focus/stamina, and the damage has been made arguable worse than flame barrage.<br/><br/>its still useful, but it barely qualifies as a class 4 spell anymore.

      • strange07 Apr 2016 07:02  

        i did all the work for the leader but this spell wasnt available, not the first spell its happened for either. unless to achieve rank 7 you need to go to ng+ then it would make sense

        • Anonymous

          Infinite Casting?31 Mar 2016 02:04  

          I had this happen for about 90% of NG+, I was using the class 5 wand, conduit of mind Ring, Storm Ring, Charged Ring and Link of fire and sky ring. With this combo (seemed to activate when I equipped the conduit ring) i could just hold down L2 (PS4) and i could cast even when my stamina and mp ran out. you can Imagine with Dragon Fire how unstoppable you become. I walked through every boss, I killed the Coveted before he even picked up the Axe. Has anyone else had this happen?

          • Anonymous

            Nerf incoming22 Mar 2016 14:18  

            The developer has confirmed that this spell will indeed be nerfed in patch 1.02:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Much-needed, IMO. Even if the damage gets decreased to a third of what it is now, it would still be powerful. Will be interesting to see exactly what gets done to it.

            • Anonymous

              Wrong info21 Mar 2016 15:10  

              You need max devotion. Not sure why the other two creeds are listed here, only Keeper will grant this spell.

              • Anonymous

                Can't find this spell21 Mar 2016 14:04  

                I have devotion lvl 6 with the keepers of fire and sky and this spell doesn't show up in the mages store, anyone else having this issue?

                • Anonymous

                  This spell is OP20 Mar 2016 06:55  

                  This spell seriously needs a nerf. Even on NG+ I am one-shotting most bosses with a single barrage of it (granted, I have the best staff in the game fully upgraded, which adds quite a bit to the power, but still). I like that magic is powerful, but this thing is just ridiculous.

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