Dark Arrows

"Summon a searing plume of flame"

Dragonfire is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Dragonfire Effect

  • Summon a searing plume of flame
  • Consumes stamina per use
  • Class 4



Where to Find Dragonfire




  • As of, this spell has been nerfed. Previously, it was known for being one of the strongest spells, if not the strongest spell in the game.




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    • Anonymous

      Same damage as Flame barrage, but costs 55% more focus (tested in game). Though it has slighly wider area, than FBarrage and pierce enemies.
      I use it late game, but it consumes focus very fast and logically it will be better to use FBarrage.

      • Anonymous

        Hello, it's me, a random person on the internet who's going to disagree with the comments here!

        Okay, so from my experience: This is actually pretty good if you're using Keepers of Fire and Sky buffs. The one that buffs damage, stack with the one that gives Focus back on hit. Last time I did this with both barrage spells, I more or less obliterated just about every boss in the run. This worked with Dragonfire, too.

        I mean, sure, blood jar + arcane shotgun thing is /probably/ more powerful, but from my experience Dragonfire + Lightning Barrage with both Fire and Sky buffs works nicely. You more or less don't run out of focus, either, and you only stop casting once your stamina runs dry.

        • Anonymous

          It can no longer be held for as long as you have focus/stamina, and the damage has been made arguable worse than flame barrage.its still useful, but it barely qualifies as a class 4 spell anymore.

          • i did all the work for the leader but this spell wasnt available, not the first spell its happened for either. unless to achieve rank 7 you need to go to ng+ then it would make sense

            • Anonymous

              I had this happen for about 90% of NG+, I was using the class 5 wand, conduit of mind Ring, Storm Ring, Charged Ring and Link of fire and sky ring. With this combo (seemed to activate when I equipped the conduit ring) i could just hold down L2 (PS4) and i could cast even when my stamina and mp ran out. you can Imagine with Dragon Fire how unstoppable you become. I walked through every boss, I killed the Coveted before he even picked up the Axe. Has anyone else had this happen?

              • Anonymous

                The developer has confirmed that this spell will indeed be nerfed in patch 1.02:https://twitter.com/Jamezila/status/711797504564547584Much-needed, IMO. Even if the damage gets decreased to a third of what it is now, it would still be powerful. Will be interesting to see exactly what gets done to it.

                • Anonymous

                  You need max devotion. Not sure why the other two creeds are listed here, only Keeper will grant this spell.

                  • Anonymous

                    I have devotion lvl 6 with the keepers of fire and sky and this spell doesn't show up in the mages store, anyone else having this issue?

                    • Anonymous

                      This spell seriously needs a nerf. Even on NG+ I am one-shotting most bosses with a single barrage of it (granted, I have the best staff in the game fully upgraded, which adds quite a bit to the power, but still). I like that magic is powerful, but this thing is just ridiculous.

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