Guardian Blade

Class 5

Guardian Blade is a Prayer in Salt and Sanctuary.



Guardian Blade Effects

  • Summon a divine blade wielded by ethereal agents of light
  • Deals a fairly high amount of Holy damage (needs testing for exact values)
  • The blade floats behind you, and performs a swipe forward whenever you attack. Has some cooldown between swings as the blade floats back into position. Note that the trigger for the blade to swing is you pressing an attack button, not you actually attacking. This lets you attack with it while stunned, knocked down, dead, rolling, etc.
  • If you die after this prayer is cast, it is possible to continue dealing damage by pressing the attack button
  • The blade does not have a hitbox unless it's attacking, and the hitbox ends as soon as it finishes it's swing.
  • The blade has a large horizontal range, and can be used to kite enemies when using shorter-ranged weapons, such as daggers.
  • The split-second invinicibility enemies have when hit means lots of missed hits with this spell with many weapons. Your weapon and the blade will hit at almost the same time, with only one of them doing damage.





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    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2021 15:52  

      This thing is amazing.. can be used without actually swinging your weapon, and can help stunlock bosses. Even when you're knocked down, pressing the attack button will make it swing.

      • Anonymous

        17 Jun 2020 08:54  

        Is this like, the one reason for using Slow Hitter weapons without grimacing the trait? Does it delay swing speed enough to get the Guardian Blade to hit first and allow the enemy hitbox to reset before connecting?

        • 05 Jan 2018 22:09  

          if you have a spear/poleaxe type swinging weapons and are in long enough range it always hits after your weapon hits but your second attack will never connect unless maybe if you are using slow hitter spear/poleaxe which there is only one of that is guardsman's halberd. But then I don't know if first hit will connect and both the prayer and the halberd does the damage.

          • Potencially good?20 Jul 2016 02:20  

            Well it is good for stunning enemies and you can control when the blade actually attacks beside the fact that it has a recharge. It is good for controling and interrupting attacks of big enemies

            • Anonymous

              Great for stun locking bosses01 May 2016 00:03  

              Currently using a two hand greatsword- str. And wis. build, if I time it right I hit the boss twice with every swing and keep interrupting them.

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