Dark Coil

Dark Arrows

Summon a coil of foe seeking arcane tendrils.

The Betrayer promises his followers the blood of their foes, but he is sure to claim as much blood from his followers."


1 Magic

Focus Cost


Dark Coil is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Dark Coil Effect

  • Fires three tendrils that deal Arcane damage
  • Temporarily debuffs your character upon use, massively decreasing your defense (same effect that Flask of Defilement has on enemies)



Where to Find Dark Coil




  • Can be charged to fire late, but no difference in damage whether charged or not
  • The tendrils have limited tracking
  • Due to the very brief invincibility frames that enemies gain after being hit and the speed of the tendrils, some enemies may only be hit by one or two of the tendrils
  • Fails to one-shot Rotten Walkers in NG+ with 46 Magic and a Channeler's Rod VII
  • Typically trumped by Dark Reach, which possesses roughly equivalent range with greater damage and good staggering in exchange for no tracking on the projectile
  • Allows you to endlessly knock out the balance of the final boss, which makes the fight very trivial



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