Scrimshaw Cane

 Attack 14
 Weight 4.0
 Magic Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
B -
Class Staff
Flags -
Special -

 Scrimshaw Cane in Salt and Sanctuary is a Staff type weapon.


An ivory staff carved from the bone of some enormous oceangoing beast. The runes engraved upon its surface act as elemental focal points, allowing its user to channel the ambient energies of Fire and Sky into physical manifestations known as "magic." Likely the work of a traveling wizard, many of whom make a living peddling these unique and attractive handicrafts as both souvenirs and practical tools of their trade.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Magic this weapon has an Attack of 84.5 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Scrimshaw Cane Upgrade Table


  Attack Mag Scale Material

Scrimshaw Cane

14.0 B -

Scrimshaw Cane I

14.9 B Lock of Hair x1 

Scrimshaw Cane II

16.0 B Lock of Hair x2

Scrimshaw Cane III

17.1 B A Soldier's Poem x1 

Scrimshaw Cane IV

18.3 B  A Soldier's Poem x2

Scrimshaw Cane V

19.6 B  A Lord's Orders x1

Scrimshaw Cane VI

 21.0  B  A Lord's Orders x2
Scrimshaw Cane VII  22.4  B  A King's Orders x1



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