Saltwood Branch

 Attack 10
 Weight 3.0
 Magic Scaling A
Class 1 Wand
Flags -
Special -


Saltwood Branch in Salt and Sanctuary is a Wand type weapon.


A branch cut from a common saltwood tree, stripped of its bark and carved with a series of runes allowing it to channel the ambient energies of Fire and Sky. The fabrication of these most basic tools is one of the first lessons learned by acolytes of the craft and, indeed, this one bears rough and imprecise cuts which betray the work of an inexperienced initiate."

Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Magic this weapon has an Attack of 58.5 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find

  • Starter Wand for Mage Class
  • Sold by Mage, Wood Mage, Iron Mage, Fire Mage, Dark Mage, Splendor Mage 

Saltwood Branch Upgrade Table

  Attack Mag Scale Material

Saltwood Branch

10 A -

Saltwood Branch I

10.5  Lock of Hair x1

Saltwood Branch II

 11.0  A Lock of Hair x2

Saltwood Branch III

11.5 A A Soldier's Poem x1

Saltwood Branch IV

 12.1  A A Soldier's Poem x2

Saltwood Branch V

 12.7 A Lord's Orders x1
Saltwood Branch VI 13.4   A A Lord's Orders x2
Saltwood Branch VII 14.0  A King's Orders x1



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