Flask of Defilement

A glass flask filled with tainted blood. Some blood can be made to heal, but this blood does not: any creature touched by this vile stuff will bear a dark curse until it washes off.

Flask of Defilement is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Flask of Defilement Effect

  • Foes hit by this throwable item will have massively reduced defense and resistances for a short period of time.
  • Targets hit have their defenses reduced to exactly 0% (except Holy) and take +25% damage for all damage types.
  • The defilement debuff also reduces poison buildup resistance by 50%, making poison easier to trigger.
  • The debuff will last for approximately 20 seconds



Where to Find Flask of Defilement




  • Resting at a sanctuary of the Order of the Betrayer will replenish your supply of this item.
  • This is exactly the same kind of projectile that the Saltless enemy throws at you.
  • If an enemy has negative resistances this will not increase or decrease those resistances.




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    • Anonymous

      This item is totally busted. Reduces resistances to nothing and adds +25% damage. So many things are trivial if you toss this at them first.

      • Anonymous

        Added poison to Flask of Defilement vulnerabilities in Patch Notes for !! Let's try a poison build.

        • Anonymous

          It really sucks that this item doesn't affect poison resistance since many of the bosses in the game are very poison resistant, making a poison build unreasonably challenging and unviable.

          • Anonymous

            ran through ng+7 just now. after getting to hagers cavern sanctuary all my 30 flasks diapeeared. not getting any no matter to which sanctuary i go..... all the hearts for nothing lol

            • Anonymous

              This is the most op item in the game, basically makes the order of the betraters the best creed in the game. Reusable, 3x flasks as reward, huge debuff to any enemy/boss. Throw a flask, spam the jaws of death strong attack or any spell. You will one-shot pretty much everything on your way.

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