Teuthis Shield

Heater Shield
Balance 72
Weight 10
Cost 500
Class Shield
Stagger Reduction 72
Blunt Defense 100
Bladed Defense 100
Fire Defense 39
Lightning Defense 45
Poison Defense 25
Holy Defense 41
Arcane Defense 30

Teuthis Shield is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.


A large heater shield forged entirely of steel. The relief upon its face depicts a writhing squid, a symbol of the Federation of Coastrock borne by ranked soldiers in the nation's sizable military. As the cold and rugged Southern continent offers little arable land for agricultural use, the Federation and its constituent states subsist chiefly on a market economy of fishing and heavy industry.


Notes and Tips:

  • Quite possibly the best early game Shield; it has perfect invincibility to physical damage and it only requires class 1 shield skill. Buy this as soon as you reach the Sanctuary in the Village of Smiles.
  • It's not very worth it to upgrade this shield at all. It is mainly used for its already perfect physical resistances, and its elemental resistances at level 7 are less than 3% higher than its resistances at level 0. You're much better off finding a shield with good elemental resistances and then swapping between the two depending on which is most useful against the enemies you're fighting.
    • The Silver Shield protects perfectly against Arcane and Holy damage and has 10 weight, though it will actually increase any Lightning damage you take, and has lower stagger resistance (aka Balance). At higher levels, it gains an invincibility to Slash damage as well.
    • The Phoenix Rondache protects perfectly against Fire damage and has 10 weight, but its physical resistances are lacking.
    • Other shields may also be worth considering, because some shields have 95% resistance at base level that can be upgraded to a perfect immunity.
  • If weight is no concern, then the Iron Rampart may be a viable option. With only a few upgrades, it turns into a perfect defense against all incoming damage and has 90% stagger resistance at base level. This shield will only be usable once you put considerable levels into Endurance, which makes it not an option for those who only wish to dip their toes into shield-wielding. 


Location/Where to Find

  • Sold by Blacksmiths in The House of Splendor, The Three, and the Order of the Betrayer.
    • Can be obtained as early as the the Village of Smiles by buying it from the Blacksmith found in its Sanctuary. You do not need to join the Three.
  • Found next to the Masterless Knight on the path to the Dome of the Forgotten coming from the Red Hall of Cages.





Teuthis Shield Upgrade Table


 Level Stagger Reduction Strike Slash Fire Lightning Poison Holy Arcane Upgrade Material
Base 72.0 100.0 100.0 39.0 45.0 25.0 41.0 30.0 -
I 72.7 100.0 100.0 39.3 45.4 25.2 41.4 30.2 Lock of Hair x1
II 73.4 100.0 100.0 39.7 45.9 25.5 41.8 30.6 Lock of Hair x2
III 74.1 100.0 100.0 40.1 46.3 25.7 42.2 30.9 A Soldier's Poem x1
IV  74.9 100.0 100.0  40.5 46.8  26.0 42.6 31.2 A Soldier's Poem x2
V  75.6 100.0 100.0 40.9 47.2  26.2 43.0 31.5 A Lord's Orders x1
VI  76.4 100.0 100.0 41.3 47.7 26.5 43.5 31.8 A Lord's Orders x2
VII 77.1 100.0 100.0 41.8 48.2 26.8 43.9 32.1 A King's Orders x1



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    • Anonymous

      This is a very good shield that you can buy for cheap from the blacksmith in the sanctuary of the Village of Smiles. 100% physical reduction, very good weight/stability ratio and easy to equip since it's a Class 1 type. Carried me throughout the game without problems. Make sure you keep a Silver Shield and a Phoenix Rondache in your inventory to defend against holy/arcane and fire respectively and you're set!

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