Blessed Weapon

Class 2

Focus Cost: 25

Blessed Weapon is a Prayer in Salt and Sanctuary.



Blessed Weapon Effects

  • Class 2
  • Adds extra Holy damage to your weapon for 30 seconds.
  • Adds Holy AR equal to Base Damage*0.6*(1+Wisdom*0.02).
  • Having a Stone Cleric at your sanctuary will increase this prayer's power by 10%.
  • Divine Blessed Weapon is a stronger version of this prayer (unlocked at Class 4).



  • Found in a pouch in the Sunken Keep. It's on a small clearing in the bottom right of the area, after a heartseeker and some retchfeeders.
  • Sold by: Stone Cleric - all Creeds.
  • When your Wisdom is over 50,10 points is equivalent to the previous 1 points


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    • Anonymous

      the point is and question.21 Jul 2016 23:21  

      the point is for the early game when you first find it, it's a good damage buff, with better tiers later on.side note how does this work exactly? does it scale with faith or is it a flat damage buff on hit?

      • Anonymous

        the point of this prayer?20 May 2016 11:25  

        what the point of this prayer if their is the exact same one at level 4 and is better?

        • Anonymous

          How to cast prayer20 May 2016 11:21  

          take the rigth portion of the skill tree and take prayer 1,2,3,4,5 to cast those level prayer

          • Anonymous

            Damage stacking29 Mar 2016 16:01  

            I came to conclusion that buffs from papers stack with the charms. Did not tested it with additional prayers but this could be game breaking. Beat dried king with 5 hits with help of jaws of death, impen charm and fire paper

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