Dark Arrows


Fireball is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Fireball Effect

  • Summons a fireball that travels straight ahead damaging enemies on impact. After travelling the full distance or upon making contact with an enemy, the fireball explodes. The explosion sets enemies ablaze, dealing damage over time for a brief period. 
  • The explosion can also set the player character ablaze if they are unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.
  • Holding the button the spell is assigned to allows the player to aim the spell.
  • While equipped with a melee weapon, casting the spell during a combo allows the player to quick cast the spell. The quick cast drastically reduces the time needed to cast the spell, along with propelling the player character backwards a fair distance.
  • Consumes 10 focus per cast. 
  • Class 2 Magic. 



Where to Find Fireball




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    • Be wary of casting this spell in any sanctuary with NPCs. Much like how it can hurt the player, the residual effect can claim NPCs' lives relatively easily, but they will be quickly replaced by another. I haven't seen whether the other NPCs will become aggressive the more you kill.Also, I did not desecrate the sanctuary when this happened.

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