Arcane Weapon is an Incantation in Salt and Sanctuary.

Arcane Weapon

Dark Arrows

Summon arcane magic of Sky to imbue your weapon with arcane power


Arcane Weapon Effect

  • Class 2.
  • Adds extra Arcane damage to your weapon for 30 seconds.
  • Adds Arcane AR equal to Base Damage*0.6*(1+Magic*0.02)
  • Having a Stone Mage at your sanctuary will increase this spell's power by 10%.
  • Unlike other weapon buffs, this gains the +25% damage boost from Sky Crystal.


Where to Find Arcane Weapon

  • Buy from Stone Mage.
  • When your Magic is over 50,10 points is equivalent to the previous 1 points




  • you can't be in the stone roots creed to buy this.
  • Matching elements (arcane weapon and arcane buff) results in 0.50[Base Physical Damage]*2.25[Match Multiplier]= 112.5% Bonus Elemental damage compared to a purely physical weapon.




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