Blood Vial

A ceremonial glass vial containing magically treated human blood. With the correct rituals, spilled human blood can not only be prevented from congealing, but can be made to retain the living essence of its previous owner. Quaff it to restore some HP, but at what cost?

Blood Vial is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Blood Vial Effect

  • Restores HP equal to current HP-MAX in 5 seconds.
  • Causes 10 corruption on use.



Where to Find Blood Vial




  • Corruption appears to cause other Creeds to be automatically hostile towards the player after obtaining 300 Corruption, regardless of Sin
  • Corruption doesn't seem to change character appearance whatsoever, but it does change the UI or border of the game from white to black.
  • It is possible to be cleansed of this Corruption by paying Salt to The Candlelit Lady.


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    • Anonymous

      The trims next to the screen corners will become less and less visible the more you get corrupted. When you reach 1000 Salt worth of cleansing (so after chugging a 100 blood vials... you filthy casual... just kidding :p), they are pretty much invisible. However, you can get the same effect just by changing your HUD options...

      • Anonymous

        Corruption doesn't seem to be that much of a deal, it costs me only 1gold/corruption tocleanse it (40 gold after 4 uses)

        • Anonymous

          You can cleanse your corruption on the same npc that removes your sin. (all the way down - right, before the brute down the bridge of The Queen of Smiles.

          • Anonymous

            The blood vials cause corruption, what does this have an effect on the player? Please find out! Consumption of the vial causes 10 pts in corruption to increase.

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