Lightning Ball

Dark Arrows

Summon a concentrated ball of lightning

Lightning Ball is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Lightning Ball Effect

  • Summon a concentrated ball of lightning
  • Consumes stamina per use
  • Class 2



Where to Find Lightning Ball




  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      I'm using a Sky Crystal with this spell and it doesn't seem to increase the damage at all. The crystals work fine otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        Deals the same damage as lightning bolt, with higher cost and terrible projectile qualities. Sometimes, seemingly randomly, it deals double damage, but it's not reliable and doesn't change anything.

        • Anonymous

          A glitchless way to grab this spell early, is to use a dagger (1handed), and do a light and then heavy attack, to send yourself across. There may be other weapons that also work.
          Since it is not listed atm, this spell has 14 Focus cost.

          • Anonymous

            You can long jump from the ledge opposite, just left and down from the bonfire to arrive at this spell early.

            • which is stronger: This or the Class 3 Lightning Arc?

              LA uses 2 more focus, compared to this, so it appears to be weaker but I 1 shot a guy in Red Hall of Cages with this, but nothing else was affected as much.

              • This spell pairs up really nicely with a Sword/Wand type of build using a quick light attack + Spell combo to quickly fire off an orb that does a heavy AoE blast to everything nearby while moving you safely out of reach. Melts faces.

                • Anonymous

                  I'm halfway through the game and I've literally never seen this spell. (I have all the spells the stone mage offers)

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