Stone Leader

Stone Leader

A small stone figure in the form of a spirited leader. Offer the Stone Leader to an altar to summon a leader to the sanctuary. Grants salt gain bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Leader is an Offerings Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Leader Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who gives you options to increase your Creed Devotion.
  • Increases Salt gain in the region by +10%.


Where to Find Stone Leader

  • The Village of Smiles: go right from the sanctuary and into a room then up a ledge to obtain. Map: {X:27454.32 Y:17395.71}
  • Sunken Keep: right before The False Jester boss fight. {X:10642.55 Y:18120.22}
  • Crypt of the dead Gods: To the left of the sanctuary in a pouch. Map: {X:40725.14 Y:15501.82}
  • Map: {X:25853.46 Y:25021.71}
  • Map: {X:33954.23 Y:33196.58}



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    • Anonymous

      26 Jul 2018 00:57  

      For the boss ashes and etc it says you can offer them to a stone leader but I cannot figure out how to. Can’t find out anything online either

      • Anonymous

        Mire of Stench30 Mar 2016 23:30  

        There is a leader stone in the Mire of Stench up from sanctuary and to the right in a room with some saltless.

        • Anonymous

          Only one leader per creed?26 Mar 2016 16:50  

          Does anyone know if there is more "work" than the one's from your creed without changing creeds? I noticed there are a few Stone Leaders to be found. Is there an advantage to using one in creeds that are not your own?

          • Effect on Salt gain22 Mar 2016 10:39  

            They seem to increase salt gain in the region by 10%, I'll have to double check but I'm pretty sure the Sodden Knight gave me 10.06% more Salt than without the Stone Leader

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