Stone Leader

Stone Leader

A small stone figure in the form of a spirited leader. Offer the Stone Leader to an altar to summon a leader to the sanctuary. Grants salt gain bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Leader is an Offerings Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Leader Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who gives you options to increase your Creed Devotion.
  • Increases Salt gain in the region by +10%.


Where to Find Stone Leader

  • The Village of Smiles: go right from the sanctuary and into a room then up a ledge to obtain. Map: {X:27454.32 Y:17395.71}
  • Sunken Keep: right before The False Jester boss fight. {X:10642.55 Y:18120.22}
  • Crypt of the dead Gods: To the left of the sanctuary in a pouch. Map: {X:40725.14 Y:15501.82}
  • Map: {X:25853.46 Y:25021.71}
  • Map: {X:33954.23 Y:33196.58}



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    • Anonymous

      Recommended placement for all 5 leaders in one playthrough: Sunken Keep, Dome of the Forgotten, Ziggurat of Dust, Salt Alkymancery, and Crypt of Dead Gods. Each of these has a sanctuary close to the entrance, four of the five have two boss fights in the region, and the one that doesn't has a 2-in-1 boss and a lot of high-salt yielding basic enemies. Only caveat is that Bloodless Prince can fall under the Far Beach sanctuary's influence if you take that shortcut, so skip it if you want the bonus.

      • Anonymous

        Why can’t player 2 (in coop) interact with the "work" option in the leaders menu? Or is it just a bug in my game

        • Anonymous

          There is one in Red Hall of Cages on a platform where you first meet the hanged men. In total there are FIVE Stone Leaders per playthrough.

          • Anonymous

            For the boss ashes and etc it says you can offer them to a stone leader but I cannot figure out how to. Can’t find out anything online either

            • Anonymous

              There is a leader stone in the Mire of Stench up from sanctuary and to the right in a room with some saltless.

              • Anonymous

                Does anyone know if there is more "work" than the one's from your creed without changing creeds? I noticed there are a few Stone Leaders to be found. Is there an advantage to using one in creeds that are not your own?

                • They seem to increase salt gain in the region by 10%, I'll have to double check but I'm pretty sure the Sodden Knight gave me 10.06% more Salt than without the Stone Leader

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