Dark Swarm is an Incantation in Salt and Sanctuary.

Dark Swarm

Dark Arrows

"Summon an array of foe seeking arcane minions. 

The Halls of Azredak the Betrayer are teeming with restless spirits; these creatures are promised shreds of redemption in exchange for devouring the blood of Azredak's enemies."


Dark Swarm Effect

  • Summon an array of foe-seeking arcane missiles. The spell's homing works from so far away that distant enemies can sometimes confuse the spell's tracking.
  • Extremely powerful, but temporarily debuffs your character upon use, massively decreasing your defense (same effect that Flask of Defilement has on enemies).
  • Class 3



Where to Find Dark Swarm




  • This incantation scales based both on the attack of your current weapon and your magic. The higher they are, the better. Having a wand or staff on hand helps a lot for increasing it's damage.
  • Either because of this or an error in the coding, this incantation triggers the special effects of the weapon you're currently holding, including the charms you have equipped it with. This can potentially make the spell infinite if paired with a MP Leech weapon/charm on your hand whenever the spell hits an enemy.
    • For example, having a weapon that has the MP Leech special effect, and  you equip the Voracious Charm (leeches HP on hit) on that weapon, both effects will apply each single hit this spell deals against enemies.
  • The tracking of this spell can be quite finicky, and rarely hits enemies from afar. It's recommended to use in medium-short distances, which increases the potential for the orbs to track into your enemies.




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    • Anonymous

      In the Nameless God fight, as long as you have enough focus, just spam Dark Swarm continuously and you can stunlock him until he dies.

      • Anonymous

        For Pc users, tie the secondary input option for weapon swapping and item use to the same key. As long as you remain grounded, you can rapid cast, and don't activate the debuff. Ridiculously overpowered, but fun trick.

        • Anonymous

          Few notes on this spell: Scales off of your Magic stat AND the AR of the weapon you're holding while casting this. Sorta like Dark Bead. While Rollcasting, does not give you the debuff. Damage is not increased by Bloodflower Charm or Bloodflower Ring you have on, neither is it affected by any other AR boosting ring or charm, such as the Silversalt. Damage IS increased by Sky Crystal. Every hit of this spell triggers "clarity"''s focus regeneration.

          • Anonymous

            This spell consistently failed to target the head part of the Tree of Men boss in my latest run. In fact, it consistently fails to target most enemies unless they are above me, which is incredibly annoying. These things need to be more accurate to justify the massive debuff it gives you.

            • Anonymous

              This incantation's damage depends on two factors : your Magic stat and your Attack stat. The higher they are, the better.

              • Anonymous

                Remember the Witch of the Lake and the spell she uses that spawns the minions that lock on you? This is that spell.

                • Anonymous

                  This spell is insanely broken. It does good damage, its spam-able, and I'm fairly sure it combos with the saper charm. Yeah, the charm that restores focus on hit. On my rogue/mage hybrid run, while using the charm on my dagger, I could spam this spell infinitely without losing focus. I shredded the disemboweled husk while standing still and only pressing 1 button.

                  • Anonymous

                    Was about to quit the game in my NG+3 run because I didn't know this was causing a debuff (didn't see anything in its description about it!) Quite a few bosses were 1 hitting me with even their weaker attacks when I equipped top leveled highest def heavy armor against the attack type and it didn't make sense why. Everything is cake again switching back to melee only attacks when I know I can't perfect dodge an enemy.

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