Lightning Barrage

Dark Arrows

Summon a rapid-fire stream of lightning

Lightning Barrage is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Lightning Barrage Effect

  • Summon a rapid-fire stream of lightning
  • Focus Cost: 2.0
  • Class 1 Magic



Where to Find Lightning Barrage

  • Available in Castle of Storms, above the Armor Guardian and then to the left past the Bronze Knight.
  • Available in festering banquet behind the secret door around nomad
  • Buy from Stone Mage. Any creed




  • As the name of the spell might imply, holding down the activation button will rapid-fire Lightning Barrage. This will dramatically increase the amount of damage done, but is also quite taxing on both stamina and focus costs. A low-level or low willpower character will have a hard time getting very much mileage out of this spell and may find it easier to maintain Lightning Bolt or Flash Fire. 




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    • Anonymous

      26 Apr 2017 16:31  

      Be extra careful using this spell with Strom Ring, because when elemental imblance happens, every ticks of it will cause immense self-damage.

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