Ray of Searing

Class 4

Ray of Searing is a Prayer in Salt and Sanctuary.



Ray of Searing Effects

  • Summon a ray of divine retribution, searing nearby enemies.
  • High chance of causing stagger and knockback on enemies hit.
  • Has very high upward range, very low horizontal range, and almost no downward range. Good for hitting enemies above you.




  • Available in the Castle of Storms. Near the central part of the castle (where there are two elevators), go right and down a rather long ladder. The prayer is at the bottom guarded by two Emberskulls.
  • Sold by: Stone Cleric - all Creeds.


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    • Anonymous

      You can use this in the Dome of the Forgotten sanctuary to fry the whispermen above you. This is a very efficient way of grinding for salt, as the only thing you have to spend time on is resting to refresh the Whispermen.

      • The info lies! It has a short downward range. The issue is that (unlike the upwards) the downwards is blocked by platforms. A short hop will provide 360 degrees of short range damage and almost guaranteed knockback. Great for pesky Emberskulls and Bats. Wreaks havoc on Whispermen.

        • This prayer has such an incredible range that it can hit enemies that are far above you. Just stand around the center of Dome of the Forgotten's sanctuary, activate Ray of Searing, and watch yourself rack up on salt! Great for when you need that extra, little bit for leveling up and don't want to use salt items.

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