Summon a small bolt of flashfire

Flashfire is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


  • Class 1 Magic
  • Summons a small bolt of Fire that travels straight ahead and damages enemies on impact. After the initial impact damage, Flashfire deals damage over time for a short period.
  • If the fireball doesn't hit an enemy or wall before its lifetime ends, a burst of flame will target the nearest enemy from where the fireball decayed
  • Holding the button the spell is assigned to allows the player to aim the spell.
  • While equipped with a melee weapon, casting the spell during a combo allows the player to quick cast the spell. The quick cast drastically reduces the time needed to cast the spell, along with propelling the player character backwards a fair distance.
  • Consumes 5 focus per cast.



Where to Find Flashfire




  • Player note 1




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