Wooden Targe

Buckler Shield
Balance 49
Weight 4.0
Cost 500
Class 0 Shield
Blunt Defense 100
Bladed Defense 85
Fire Defense 25
Lightning Defense 74
Poison Defense 33
Holy Defense 30
Arcane Defense 41


Wooden Targe is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



A simple round shield constructed from hardwood bound with iron rivets. Common and inexpensive, shields of this type are a staple among would-be warriors unable to afford better equipment; this one bears numerous dents and scuffs which indicate that it has already seen considerable use.


Notes and Tips:

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Location/Where to Find

  • Starting equipment for the Thief class.
  • Dropped by Drowned Bandit
  • Sold by Blacksmith (woods, splendor, iron, three, fire,dark) and Alchemist (cleric, iron, fire, woods, dark and splendor)


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