Dark Reach

Dark Arrows


Summon a burst of arcane fog

Azredak the Betrayer blesses his followers with a glimpse of his dark reign to come, when black clouds will blot out the sun, mankind will endlessly slaughter one another until the sea runs red with blood, and in that sea, Devara, sister of Azredak, will drown."


2 Magic

Focus Cost


Dark Reach is a Spell in Salt and Sanctuary.


Dark Reach Effect

  • Fires a single, thick projectile that causes heavy damage and stagger damage to an enemy
  • Temporarily debuffs your character upon use, massively decreasing your defense (same effect that Flask of Defilement has on enemies)



Where to Find Dark Reach




  • With excellent damage, reach, and stagger damage, Dark Reach shines as one of the better Blood Spells
  • Throwing a Flask of Defilement onto your target increases Dark Reach's damage by a staggering amount (at 46 Magic, with a Channeler's Rod VII and Charged Ring, throwing a Flask of Defilement onto the final boss and spamming Dark Reach melts him, figuratively)




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    • Anonymous

      This is the best spell in the game. It's a rapid shotgun blast of magical power that can one shot most enemies and burst down bosses faster than practically anything else. Only downsides is that it's exclusive to Order of the Betrayer (though you can join, buy it and the other blood spells and incantation) and that it makes you vulnerable to damage after using it, just like all other blood spells. Seriously, if you're doing a magic build and want to join the Keepers of Fire and Sky, join Order of the Betrayer and grab their spells first, then join the Keepers. This spell rocks.

      • Anonymous

        By alternating spamming this and Lightning ball I perma-staggered final boss, killed him in like 10 spells total + flask of defilement. This thing is really crazy

        • Anonymous

          The best spell in the game, definitely the best spell on NG. This spell at 50 magic with the tier 5 staff one shots 95% non boss enemies in the game. The ones that don't get one-shot are stuff like Crypt Guards or things with high resistance like the slat bat or the various eye enemies. Things of Arms, Aaroxes get one shot. Cavalier dies to two shots, the second shot will connect on the horse and kill the knight AT THE SAME TIME. Bosses evaporate. The lake of the witch does die in 5-6 shots. The Coveted didn't even get to attack. The downsides are the meh range (medium, not too bad) and that it only hits multiple enemies if they right on top of each other and of course the self-debuff. However, the payoff is more than worth the negatives. I'm spamming the crap out of this and the game is becoming trivial.

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