Stone Guide

Stone Guide

A small stone figure in the form of an adventurous guide. Offer the Stone Guide to an altar to summon a guide to the sanctuary. Grants item find bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Guide is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Guide Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will give you dialogue and help you travel to other Sanctuaries you have visited.
    • Whichever Sanctuary you offer them to, you can teleport there anytime at the cost of one calling horn.
    • If you are in a temple with a guide, you can go to any active Sanctuary you have been in (just speak with him and click the travel option).
    • You can't teleport to shrines
  • Grants 10% increased item Drop Rate to the region



Where to Find Stone Guide

  • The Festering Banquet, underground, when looping back towards the Village of Smiles next to a switch. Map: {X:13992.9 Y:6455.423}
  • The Village of Smiles, on the way to the boss, on a platform on the left side.Map: {X:40293.8 Y:16939.42}
  • Bandit's Pass: Go right and up from the Sanctuary Map: {X:11407.13 Y:13267.06}
  • Castle of Storms: On your way to the Kraekan Wyrm. Map: {X:61709.1 Y:21564.19}
  • Hager's Cavern: Go left from the sanctuary and start heading down, there will be a room with 3 split swordsman. Map: {X:82894.95 Y:10854.75}
  • Mal's Floating Castle: Go to the right of the sanctuary Map: {X:62636.33 Y:11954.64}
  • Map: {X:35484.58 Y:4851.982}
  • Map: {X:27244.57 Y:10154.57}
  • Map: {X:667.2604 Y:16765.73}
  • Map: {X:25428.4 Y:25822.45}
  • Map: {X:38965.44 Y:30633.44}
  • Map: {X:50057.21 Y:27603.93}
  • Map: {X:67994.13 Y:30741.74}
  • Map: {X:52176.58 Y:4628.313}
  • Map: {X:87639.23 Y:24274.28}
  • Map: {X:78734.16 Y:40072.99}
  • Map: {X:49983 Y:7157.062}



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Stone Alchemist  ♦  Stone Blacksmith  ♦  Stone Cleric  ♦  Stone Leader  ♦  Stone Mage  ♦  Stone Merchant  ♦  Stone Sellsword


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    • Anonymous

      This is good. I ballsed up by desecrating one creed and lost all my guides so I need to know where to find more. It was my first run through and I didn't understand sanctuaries at wll

      • Anonymous

        Guides sell calling horns for 100 gold each which can take you to any Sanctuary that currently has a Guide. Since the Guide can then take you to any Sanctuary that you've previously visited it's a simple matter of stockpiling a lot of Calling Horns, warping to your Guide, and then using the Guide to instantly warp to anywhere else in the game. This can be useful for saving space in your Sanctuary for more important NPC's that grant more useful combat bonuses, or for saving Guides for areas you need their item find bonus so that you can farm more efficiently. This can also be useful for 'Creed Farming' in that you don't have to waste valuable space in a Creed you plan on raising to max Devotion, buying all of their exclusive/rare items, and then dumping. Throw down your blacksmith, merchant, mage/priest, and the necessary Leader and you're basically set.

        • Anonymous

          You put a Guide or whatever else down, you change religions, you desecrate the place, you dedicate the sanctuary to your new god, is your guide dead?

          • Anonymous

            Considering you can buy a lot of the calling horns for cheap, you can always teleport to your one and only guide. From there you can teleport to any other sanctuary. Just remember to always buy calling horns. Ok, there is the item find bonus, maybe that could be a reason to add a guide. But not for travel alone, at least I see no reason.

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