Vile Charm

A pungent wooden charm, dyed green and wrapped in roots. Poison-drenched flora and fauna thrive in the continents' deepest, darkest woods; most are wise to avoid such dangers, while others find bizarre comfort in the purifying destructiveness of the forest.

Vile Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Vile Charm Effect

  • Adds +10% * AR poison damage to your attacks.
  • Increases speed of triggering poison



Where to Find Vile Charm

  • Map: {X:35143.78 Y:17091.89}
  • Found past a hidden wall in Red Hall of Cages. The hidden wall is located on the left side of 2 dropping spike traps (video location).




  • Poison damage is doubled and distributed on the afflicted character over 20 seconds.
  • Poison damage ticks down even if the DoT doesn't show, and will reset the buildup if it reaches 0 seconds.
  • As with all effects that deal poison damage Vile Charm grants increased change to trigger the DoT pop.
  • Buildup starts at 1 and adds +.5 per extra poison effect being used on your weapon.
  • Stacking Pesklaw + Vile Charm + Pessmud would give 1 +.5 +.5 or 2.0 buildup *per hit*.
  • Enemy poison resists increase the amount of buildup needed. (3 + 3 per 100 resist)




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