Stone Merchant

Stone Merchant

A small stone figure in the form of a wealthy market merchant. Offer the Stone Merchant to an altar to allow merchants to do business in the sanctuary. Grants gold drop bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Merchant is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Merchant Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will give you dialogue options to allow you to purchase items.
  • Stone merchant looks and wares vary depending on your Creed.



Where to Find Stone Merchant

  • The Festering Banquet: in an alcove on the left side above the first entrance to the area (from Shivering Shore) Map: {X:13483.41 Y:11750.32}
  • Castle of Storms: Right before the Kraekan Wyrm. Map: {X:44411.13 Y:25092.46}
  • Sunken Keep: Left of the sanctuary there is a secret door on the wall. Map: {X:43231.69 Y:2615.078}
  • Red Hall of Cages: On the left side of the 3 spinning platforms. Left of the Cran's Pass sanctuary.  Map: {X:32253.23 Y:19996.67}
  • Map: {X:29535.88 Y:16184.06}
  • Map: {X:41183.24 Y:37616.68}
  • Drop: Armor Guardian(golem)




  • As with any other stone statue, offering it to the sanctuary works one way only - claiming it back is impossible.
  • If you wish to get rid of the merchant occupying the statue slot, you'll have to undergo a very risky ordeal - desecration of the sanctuary using a stained page. This will wipe-out all of the NPCs and will leave the whole creed hostile towards you. If that creed was yours, your devotion rank will drop to 1 too. Cleansing sin will cost you 10 000 salt per desecrated creed + additional 1000 for act of murder, but will cease the hostility. After that, you will be left with an unoccupied sanctuary with all statue slots free.
  • One of the earliest places you can reliably farm for the Stone Merchant is directly below the claimable sanctuary in the Castle of Storms. Leave the sanctuary from the left side, drop from the ledge and go right. There are 1 Armor Guardian and 2 Emberskulls there. Dispose of them and return to the sanctuary. Repeat the process.




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